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looks really coo

I was wondering what engines you can use

game guud would recomend

and your game is really cool but getting off ladders is a little uggy and there should be more gravity and the top colissions

yeah i' been trying to fix that problem with the arrow i think i know how im trying now and yeah the transitions are very sudden i still have alot to do but its coming along

its fun but the scariest part was finding the math room

Annihilator community · Created a new topic its fun

i would buy it

its fun but hard to know what your suposed to do

its a pretty fun game you should make it not in a rar file some people cant open them try finding a way to make it into an executable or zip file

yeah could you show the explosion

im making a game and these will be great

wow these are great

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are you going to add a jump

i was going to get it but the jump isnt in it

thank you anyone who downloaded my game

its laggy but fun

hi im using you assets in a game im working on called Quoma "Will probably change the name" heres a link if you want to check it out

10/10 would buy

its ok i guess

is there anywhere you can get the necromancer by itself

are you gonna add the jump animation to this guy he has a jump in the monsterpack 1 but not here could you consider doing that i really need it for my game and im really bad at pixel art

wow this pack is great i'm gonna put it in may game

hey you should really make a humman type pack like with wizards archers and maybe some townsfolk. if you made something like that i would 100% buy it. oh and your work is great. i hope you make more(:(:(: