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This game has FNAF vibe, and I love it, it got me in more than one way, you made a great game and I hope you make more of this game can't wait 

This game got me good, and I hope you continue making these great games 

This game reminds me of silent hill and i love it keep it up

I love the loop part of this game 

the horror of losing someone is hard, great game 


This game had a great idea for a game and the back and forth of this game is super fun

Keep it up

I can't wait for the full game to come out this was such a good game that I played it again alone 

Keep it up

this game made me feel bad and good at the same time, good horror and great game play 

Keep it up

This game has a whole new meaning of horror, this is my first third person view horror game and I loved it 

Keep up the hard work 

Man, this game was short and REALLY GOOD

can't wait for choo choo to come out its going to do so good 

this game is so good, and I like the fact that we don't know who's behind it and why, love the mystery in this game

Good job 

This game has an interesting story that is told by the surroundings Get horror and a great game, keep it up

I really can't wait for the full game to come out this game is so amazing, and I fell in love with it 

Great job and hope to see more

thanks, and I really like your game, keep it up

omg bet, thank you 

I almost died when it said run the second time 

great game and I can't wait to see what's next

can't believe I got rickrolled into a back-rooms game lol

I love this game, keep up the good work 

Never thought a duck could scare me 

good job, keep it up

I just wanted to farm 

Great game and I can't believe how well made it was

I felt so uncomfortable when he was breathing and i can't help but to feel weak cuz I got scared by a bell noise 

This game is something else, I thought I was just going to walk through a house and get scared but no what I got was nightmares thanks 

I can't wait for more to come out, this game was so fun, and I like the horror to the game with the breathing part

Great game

I really wasn't expecting that, and it was so good that I thought there was more lol 

Great job

This game is the second one I have played, and I can't wait to try number 2

great work

I played this game for the last one and I done say my hand and heart hurts thanks 

I love this idea of the kid friendly info video and then it goes south when you are wrong 

Great game and I hope you make more to this game 

Longer please 

This game is so good and scary its weird you know? 

that what I like to hear lol 

You know I never go hiking alone and this game just proves a point for me so thanks for making the game 

Keep up the great work and hope you make more content soon

I love this type of horror now thanks

make more or I will stop your car and haunt you

great game keep it up

This game had me on edge the entire time i was playing, great game and amazing horror

Keep it up and please finish this game 

This game had me looking out my own room to make sure no one or thing was watching me 

Great game and i hope to see more soon 

this game had me on edge 

Great game and I really can't wait to see what you have next 

I can't wait for the full to come out

really well made game 

well if anything make the map bigger and the PCM a little slower lol

This game is scary but at the same time I found myself wanting to play more

Great game and can't wait to see what you have next

I was not ready for this game; I love the style of it and can't wait for more

Great job and keep it up 

I love these types of games; this game will give you nightmares if you're not careful 

Great game, keep it up 

the amount of fear I had in this game is amazing 

really good job and I hope for more in the future 

this is a better way to play a slender game and its more lore basted too

Great game and I can't wait for part 2

I love this game and the 3d idea of little people and I want more

great game and I hope you make more