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you should I love this game

I LOVE this game like really monsters in the dark, please make more for real I hope this game gets more and more better

Yeah this game made me jump so hard that I hurt myself.

I love this so much this game will go far so I do recommend this game to you 100%

I love this game and I cant wait to play the full game, you must play this game yourself trust me 

yeah no problem

I LOVE THIS GAME. The stressful nature of this game is great and the way you have to move and listen to everything I love it, I beat this game and got the good ending PS love the way you have to end this game

I really liked this game and I think you should keep it going and I really cant wait to play Chapter 2

I would 100% recommend this game to you , its not polished but it will get there

yo this game started slow but then scared the living hell out of me good game and hope you keep making them

thanks for your time

keep me in mind when you do please I would love to see where this game goe

This game really got me I played it like two three times and it still scared me I really looking forward to playing more games like this so if their is going to be a part 2 or a continuation I would really like to play it soon.

I recommend this game to all indie game lovers or horror game lovers

no problem 

I love this game its not too scary but that's ok I like the old pixel style that you went with keep up the hard work and make more games like this one thank for the game

more then liked it man it was great I have high hopes for this game and its future 

I'm going to be real here this game is good it has the horror factor that every gamer is looking for I'm happy to say that this game made my heart race and my hands sweat, please keep making games like this one I have a feeling you can make it big with single player horror games, please keep in touch with me for future games you would want me to play thank you for the game and have a nice life 

This game is the best inde game I have ever played the scares are the best and the thrill of the sewer was great I hope you keep making games. If you have not played this game you will miss out

hey check this out its a great game for real the bests game demo I have played in along time

 hey this game is great and you should really play this game but before you do try watching it here and see if you can handle it

Wow I had one of the best times playing this game like the sound was amazing and the moving was smooth 7-10 would play again


hahahaahhahaha why does this game make me jump