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Loved the endings and the scares. 

Great game

Make more horror games plz

Great game and plays smooth

Make more of this plz 

This game was a great way to show end horror instead of horror throughout. 

Great game

I love the games you yall make, short, sweet, fun.


Great game, keep it up. 

Great game, I would love if there's more on the way but if there isn't I will understand. 

Keep up the hard work and see you later! 

RUN!!! is the only thing I could do. he is fast and, on your ass, lol.

Great game and i want more.... make more.

Nightmare fuel is all I have to say

Great game here and I can't wait for more.

Like every game I wish it was longer lol

Great game and I really hope you make more and longer content. 

This game has so much potential and i hope you make more.

Great animation

Great story 

Great scares

Great game   

My friend you made a game from an old asset and still made it horrifying, I commend you in the highest way possible 

Great job and I really hope you make more.

this game made me want to jump into the lava as well BUT in a good way. 

this game was stupid fun and I really enjoyed it. 

please make more like this in the future 

I want more. This game was a breath of fresh air, with the following and Skinwalker idea.

Great job, Keep it up. 

This game was amazing for just 2 weeks of work.

Keep it up and I hope you find a future with this talent you possess!

I will never trust an old man again; I loved the pixel style game and feel. 

Great game and I hope you make more. 

This game didn't seem all that scary until I got down and dirty with the Big G, I know that this was a fast made game but I would love to see more off this game.

Great game keep it up.

This game had me going for the longest time and I thought I was going to get to go upstairs but no I get murdered for doing laundry. 

Great game hope to see more.


This game is good, and I would hope you mad more off this game I would love to see it in the future. 

Bite size or not I was scared out of my mind, great job on this unique horror game. 

PS remind me not to go blind lol just a joke for now. 

My wife is one sexy beast. 

This game was really good, and the story throw me for a loop at the end well done and I hope to see more from you later down the road.

1$ horror game but it was a 50$ experience.

Great atmosphere and great passing.  

Hugobob is the fastest runner I have ever see and I about died the first time I saw him run, you made a great game and I hope you continue to make game like this. 

can't wait to see Chapter 2!!!

I started this game thinking it was going to be lamb...I have bad new.... I had a nightmare about this game so thanks. 

Great game and I hope you continue to make games like this.

Indeed, it was my last night BUT not my last stop that's the other game

Good scares and great aphorisms, keep it up.


Indeed, it was my last stop BUT not my last night that's the other game

Good scares and great aphorisms, keep it up. 

I would love for more of this game to come out and to find out what happened to my 4 pizzas I order 

Great game

You know the feeling that you get when you walk upstairs, and you think someone's behind you, and you run as fast as you can from nothing yeah that's this in game form. 

Great game can't wait for more.

Happyland is that type of game that isn't just scary it's an adventure into your childhood past and imagination.  

Great game and I really hope to see more.

This game gave me no snake hotel vibes and I loved it; the scares were perfect and the visual were on point. 

Great game and I wish you luck on your new game. 

I'm never going to be rude to a customer again, I was scared yet intrigued by the mannequins, But mostly scared

Great game, keep it up 

you and I must escape the lockdown before our old boss finds and kills us so a normal day at the office. Ps our coworkers are trying to kill us as well so good luck.

Great game

Cooking food for your neighbor is a really fun thing to do, the smiles you put on their faces is the best feeling ever.... until they try to murder you and steal your soul and worship a demon in the woods, all good things.

Great game

This game will forever be in my dreams. the bodycam footage horror games are something else and I would hope you continue to make great games like this one. 

If anxiety was a game this would be it. Loved the whole thing and I really wish there was more. Great game.


I have a fear of vents, so this game was a living nightmare for me 

Great game and I hope you make a part 2.

Root man is not as friendly as I thought

Great game 

Are you ready kids??? OOOOOOOOOOO WHO LIVES IN A HOUSE AT THE BOTTOM OF HELL, F#$ken Squidward. 

Great game here 10/10 would play again

This game was great and I can't believe that my mom and dad died without telling me. 

Great game and I hope you continue to make games. 

This is why I don't move alone. You made a game were I get scared by doors. 

Great game

I don't think I was invited to this party, Not going to stop me though!

Great game BTW