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I've only gotten 2 endings - but this game was a trip from start to finish!! It was really interesting and I am glad I played it.
However, I did want to mention - I think the audio played during confession scenes maybe isn't the best quality. I record my videos with higher volume; I had some serious static noises I could hear with headphones in. I had to turn down the overall game audio for my video. Otherwise, thank you for making this! Sharing my playthrough for those interested: 

I think this is my favorite game I've come across on so far! I had a really fun time with this one, there is so much to it and I feel like there is a lot you can do and find. Thanks for making this!

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This was an interesting short game!! I enjoyed it except I kept getting stuck in random spots (like literally stuck in a corner) and it is pretty dark. Thanks for making this game :)
To see my playthrough, I started Sleep Tight about 17 minutes in! 

Interesting game!! It got a good jumpscare out of me LOL. Thanks for making this!

This was a fun experience!! I was confused a couple of times but the atmosphere left me feeling very uneasy the whole time and I enjoyed the jumpscares. Thanks for making this!

I had been wanting to play this game for a while and finally did. It lived up to the hype!! Thanks for making this game :)

Very interesting game!! I enjoyed it but also was very confused in a couple spots lol. Thought I'd share my playthrough for other people who apparently don't understand basic instructions like me ^.^;

The atmosphere of this game was great!!! Thanks so much for making it!

An interesting short game that had me on edge and made me wonder if I had ended up in Silent Hill or something. Definitely recommend!

Also not like Papers, Please because this was creepy and scary lol but checking the license plates gave me the vibes 

This was a really neat game that kept me on edge the entire time. Kind of reminded me of Papers, Please but simpler and with a neat VHS aesthetic. I had a lot of fun playing this and appreciate you making it possible to play this game!

Besides the painful bike riding lol this was a really interesting game!! I definitely got spooked a couple times. Thank you for making it possible to play this!

This was a very cool game!! Brought to life my first and favorite CreepyPasta. Thanks for making this!