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Awesome! Very excited to see it all come together. Domains sound cool. I can definitely see attributes being reworked into the callings, Hegemony Deserter has a one in four chance of having a maximum of +2 to its only weapon and doesn't start with a melee weapon for its automatic +2  so having the attributes tied to callings seems like a great opportunity to cull "trap options". Definitely interested in the new calling as well. Does the new calling increase the max number of players?

I've been reading through this version of the game and I came up with a few questions about advances and calling specials

1) Do advances that allow saga tokens to be gambled grant experience when the saga token is lost in a gamble? What about the counselor's good counsel ability, does the gambling player or the counselor add exp?

2) Does the Scoundrel special starwise have an action modifier added to its roll? 

3) it seems like some callings get much more kit slots than others. Do Hegemony Deserters have to trade away their re-breather mask to have coms or a basic jag knife? Are the stats for being naked worse than the stats for clothes? It seems many Ritters could be incentivised to trade clothes for a other gear, it might be socially acceptable if they are walking carpet alien.