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Learning Rust right now. Cool stuff.

Thank you for the free asset! I used it in a video to showcase parallax in my Godot based Visual Novel framework. Here is the link

Great work! I have toyed with the same idea in the past and I am wondering if you're using some filter that mimics Picasso's artstyle? I also found out that applying "waterpixel (in GIMP)" after this "edgy" filter will give the photos a more cartoonish feel, and "oilify (in GIMP)" will smoothen the edges a little.  All the best to your future works!

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Great job! What happens near the end I won't call a plot twist , since it's more like an Epiphany to me.... I like the work a lot, and as usual for the good stories I like, I love to imagine myself in it, and indeed during my 15min of break I crafted a beautiful journey through your beautiful coffee shop! 

(Possible Spoilers!)

What would I say each time I visit it? As someone who has committed all the sins as in the nine circles, maybe I would drop some casual comments on my past sins. But still, I had my conscience. And it was because of this I was left in constant inaction, constant regret, forever trapped in this circles of self-reproach, and therefore unable to create my own world. Once I realized all this, I also realized I had only the coffee shop left. Ah Lucifer, how cunning of you to disguise yourself as the charming Lucy, enslaving me in your kingdom! In great pain, I decided to erase my only happy memory of the coffee shop. The world crumbled and I saw a beam of light in the cracks. Ahh, how splendid. In the end, it was a beautiful journey through hell.

Thank you for the comment! I tried to prolong the ending to match the ending of the song, but I guess so far most people are telling me that makes the ending too long. They're fine with the first play through, but with the second, they get annoyed. I think I will try to add a persistent variable that makes the ending skippable when I get more time to work on this. I will also add some choices. Again thank you for the comment!

Thank you for your comment! That is an aspect I did not consider when creating the story. But your comments brought me new ideas. I will keep those in mind in future update/games.

So did read you until the very end? Here are some extra hints: look up Nymphomaniac in any English dictionary, Asmodeus on Wikipedia... There are other hints you can discover :)

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I should have made that more obvious sry :(. Edit: I added a warning screen at the beginning. Thank you for the comment!

When I saw promenade I thought it means meandering like a pro... Gosh... In fact after a quick google search the words are not etymologically connected at all.

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Good ambience, and I like the Nirvana reference! Turns out I misread. Anyways, 1k words is certainly not enough to explain the things well, but I see the potential for the story.