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has anyone waited for it to finish the 40k pages advertised in the PC? i wonder if it would cause a secret endin


its very simple and very fun

does multiplayer work for the web verison

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to answer the first question i am level 17. if I reload I spawn in the room before the bossfight where there are the shops and the save.  this door is blocking me leaving the area and I do not know if the bandtis in the area are supposed to respawn. as you can see I have beaten the boss because I have his gun

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just saying i am hard locked into the artifacts of old area. i completed the bossfight ( in which the boss cant harm you.) and I cant leave the area where the bandits were very sad but good game otherwise

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nice fnaf easter egg and a awsome twist at the end

part 2 pls

best game ever 10/10

i set a couple records i love the concept

that is a quite effectivve strat lol

also autoclicker + the flame from the boss = op

got hellhound really early lol

erm small glitch. if you hit the corner of a book you go flying back the wrong way lol

HEllo i am here to become a partner. i know tons of good games you can play on your channel. would you mind telling me the name of it I would like to watch this video

pretty good but hard to get ammo in the final level

gg bois!!!!!!!!!!!! i finally beat it!!!

game dev + sheep = yes

i keep dieng to the fat demon really fun game though. i have noticed that the duplicating spiders get out of control fast

garbage collector is a bit op with the mimic lol

love it exept for level twelve


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I think this game is dead. :(

who won

i did it with 3 seconds to spare I thought I had to get to the exit. lol nice game

the lever room gave me a run for my money though


fun but no ending or real story

exept for level 15

super fun!

love it

20:28 for my first run. What about you guys?

i wish the attack was space bar instead still really fun

moon is very difficult

contact damage is damage you deal when you hit a enemy. wand damage is how much your weapon/primary does to enemys

dont undeerstand

great game weird enemies especially the pennywise spiders

try it it is really fun and lots to do

shotgun bullets + quad barrel + auto trigger + bullet canister + bouncy handle = so much lag

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I think it is just my computer it is old and I am getting a new one soon. i will follow up later. still a good game, it does still work on my pc tho so it is fine