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I've never been able to enjoy and play Stardew Valley-type games but I am REALLY liking Village Monsters and have obsessively played through about 10 hours now. I think it's because of the monsters, tbh. And because Yggette the tree sends me positive vibes every day which is SO nice. I'm looking forward to the next update!

Really enjoyed playing this! The different game styles were fun, and I appreciated that it was easy not to die in them since I'm pretty bad at half of them. Wowzer of an ending! 

Great look, love the background noises/robot sounds, could use a bit more instructions on what to do (or just WHY) in the beginning, especially since there's no save feature yet. A good start!

lmao yeah, sometimes literally 10 seconds after I opened the radio! Also I noticed that sometimes if I dragged the dial too far and let go, it'd reset back to where I started. Eek.

This is super cute and would be a great party game for nerds who love both Morse code and adorable bunny cheerleaders!

A very interesting game! Love the concept and wow, that ending. I do wish that the "no crt/blinking" option turned off ALL blinking/flashing/etc. I know it'd mess with the look of the game, but even as somone with minimal eye issues, it was a bit much.

Just as difficult to stay alive as in Oregon Trail, but way more fun because of the scifi/space theme! Really enjoyed playing this-- I've died three times so far.

I really liked the characters, story, setting, and multiple dialogue options, but I wish the "scrolling through the radio" controls were able to be changed. It was AGONIZINGLY slow, and even worse when I got the upgraded radio and had double the channels to look through. Something like holding the R button and using arrows to scroll through it would be much easier to use.

I'm using Mac OS Catalina and had full sound.

This was super fun! I really enjoyed the characters, the puzzles were just the right amount of tricky, and I appreciated being able to skip back through everything so I could get every single ending. ;) Can't wait to play the other games, when they come out!

For both options you end up with the stake; I'm assuming you can give it back to her at the party if you don't use it on Andy. (I used it on Andy and also feel bad about it...)

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This was super fun! I've managed to get to level 10 a few times before running out of money, and I definitely plan on playing more and see if I can get to a higher level.

I look forward to seeing what the next version of this game looks like!!

Loved it!