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Yeah! It's free.

9 animations + 1 sprite for crouch.

4 attacks; run; jump; idle; death; hurt; crouch

Sorry. I was away for a few days.

Amazing! Congratulations on publishing your game. I wish you every success.

Dude, sorry for the delay. It was off for a while. You can use however you like. I don't know if it works in the mentioned apps.

Not this one in particular, but some of my old assets were made with the help of blender :)

Quando tá na escolha das cartas, o jogo ainda recebe inputs. Eu apertei W algumas vezes e meu seraph deu o pulo do Saitama.

Tá vindo carta repetida demais. Tenta botar um id em cada carta, e fazer uma verificação se tem alguma repetida, caso tenha, escolhe uma nova aleatória.

A vida tá passando da vida máxima. Só usar um Mathf.Clamp que resolve.

Yes, no problem :)


Send a mail: Sorry for the  delay

Of course :)

Thank you very much :)

Thank you very much :D. Yes, you can use it however you like. Consider putting my name in the thanks :)

Hahaha Glad you liked it. Thanks!

Hahaha Thank you very much!

It may be English, but I don't speak it very well, so describe well what you need lol

Hello. You can send me an email with a description of what you want. As soon as possible I will answer

You can use as you like. If you want to modify or use it commercially, no problem. Consider telling me where to use it :D

Thanks! The lion monster is a manticore of RPG's. Yes, I plan to, but there are no animations yet

Gorgon updated. Now petrifying everything and everyone.

Sorry for the delay of 6 months to answer, but I'm relatively new to this thing hahaha. And thank you very much for the tip of the pallet. I made a point of changing and studying further thanks to your comment.

Ooh, yes, yes hahaha. I am Brazilian, and here "Jellyfish" is called "Medusa". I will do the petrification animation as soon as I finish a current job.

Hahahaha Sure. You are completely right. I'll take care of that! Sorry, but I don't understand what you mean by "it's supposed to be a jellyfish".

Because of you, I became a pixel artist. Thank you very much, man.

I do. I am currently working on two commissions, but will soon be available again.

Thank you. I will do more

I like the pirate more than the others. I offered it here and forgot about the others hahaha

Okay, problem solved. Thanks and sorry for the mistake

Hi! Yes, I take comissions. I don't have a price chart yet, but we can negotiate a fair value. Thanks for your preference :D

Yes, no problem


I sent an email.