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The update is great! Thank you so much for putting this out! <33

Yes! I'll be giving a try ASAP!

Hey, I got this error, not sure if it means anything to you or if it's BAD or safe to ignore or not.

action number 8
of  Step Event
for object Control:

Trying to use non-existing surface.

Totally understandable, and thank you for getting back with me on this. 

I do very much appreciate the chill vibe of the game, it was nice to pop and mess around with during an episode of mild anxiety -- sadly things moved a little too slow for me for it to really put me in a zone where I was able to ignore the feeling of impending doom, but the game really did help me remember to breathe.

I suppose, remembering to breathe is the best part.  ^^
Thank you again for your reply!

Ah, thank you, alright! 

I tried out the game, I really like what is out so far. I can't wait for more updates. <3

Is there a way to see a zoomed out version of the map?

I enjoyed this game, sadly was a little slow so it kinda put me to sleep.

Very cute, I hope to see a polished version of this game one day.

I'd like a quicker way to clear out plants I'm not a fan of or at least cut their numbers down so I have more room to mad scientist experiment. 

I can't wait till ya do. ^^ Take care!

The aiming was a little clunky, but a nice little time waster for a few minutes.

Very cute little game. I think the endurance potion's price compared to the camel hump's price needs to be adjusted though.