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Hi immortalkaos, sometimes it takes time to update. You can do various things. Click on the letter 'd' (This reloads the game). Open and close. Use the mouse scroll to go a little further back in the dialog. Let us know if it worked for you

Thank you so much for your lovely comment! We love talking to you by any media, but above all we are very touched by your support. We' re big fans of otome games and visual novels, and that's why we have always wanted our MC to have the most adjustable personality possible, but also to accentuate it depending on the path they chooses during the story, and also give our players the as much freedom as possible inside the story.  So we're happy that you appreciate that!  Hope you enjoy as well all chapters that are coming! ^^

Sometimes it takes time to charge.You can close and reopen or press the 'd' key and force reload.

Awww,  Thank Munduselle.

Hi unknownpersongirl, sadly, It's too early to give a official date but we hope to publish this month.

We love theories. 🤐 Coming soon, the new episode.

We're very happy to read this. Hasiel is a very good choice and he has a wonderful bg. But, we hope you have troubles in the futere with the rest of routes. 🤭

Hi, Tinynanami. The game will have 15 chapters. For more info you can read this devlog. ^^

We sometimes refer to the characters by other names like 'the redhead' (Akane), 'the masked one' (Maskeguy), 'the angel' (for Hasiel or Arael) to make the text less repetitive. Maybe, in this context, It's a little bit weird. We will be carefull in the future! Still, thanks for the note, feel free to notify us of any bugs in the future ;)

On downloand page you have this:

If you need sominthing else, please ask us again ^^.

How much love! Thank you, alittlebirdietoldme for your sweet comment. We're working to bring you good content very soon.

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The 8.2 (human route) will launch in this month. All the updates have got the previous content included.

We found a good option. Right now we're working with our new translator. ^^

Thank you for your contribution, Relma2. We have reviewed the script and indeed there was an error. We have already solved it and in the next update it will be implemented.

Thank you Miinko, we will be back with a new update very soon.

Thank you very much for all this love. We have some good news, partially, there're some people who volunteered to help with the translation, so, anticipating a bit, we think that the game won't suffer much from all this. We are already working on the next update and we look forward to continuing to deliver our story with the same enthusiasm as ever.

We understand the point, we will try to be clearer in the future. Of course, It's a important topic for us and we will be more carefulles. Thank you, Sarah.

For sure, we will work in the english translation. We want to add more art and, of course, the two other stories. Thank u for your amazing gameplay, all team enjoyed it!!

Thank u, Starstone (L)

We hope you like the new chapter! ^^

We hope the wait was worth it, and you enjoy it! Thanks for your patience and support ^^ 

Reading the comments of our players make our day too <3 Thank you so much! 

Thank you! <3 We're happy that you like this chapter too! 

Pin is one of our dear babies, and we believe a lot in the potential of his story and him as a character. 

The relationship between MC and Zihel is also one of our favorite things! Their scenes are very funny and interesting. (And you got us... we have a soft spot for grumpy characters like him and Akane. Although we've already seen that they wouldn't get along very well ^^u )

We love reading theories, and more to know that you're enjoying the game. Thank you very much for all the support!! 

Hi! You're right. The last update only include the angel's route. Our demons will return in the next chapter (8.1). We don't have a release date yet, but we're already working on it ^^ 

This is very cute. We love it, thank you for your incredible effort and we will share it on social media. Again thank you very much. 💞

Thank you so much, we  will solve it, we promise.

Could we take a screenshot? we want to check if it's a translation error or something else.

We're very happy that you enjoy our work.  You're very sweet and we feel so grateful for your effort. For us, It's very important to create a solid characters with an interesting backstories. 

Maskeguy is right-handed. Don't forget share with us your fanart, we love all the fanarts (L) 

Thanks for your comment! <3 You're not alone, we know that Zihel's fans are out there (they've even dedicated a fanart to him!) ... But we think they like to watch from the dark =P Around here we also love our angry demon very much. 🤭

We're aware that the history of Chronicles is somewhat different from conventional otomes, and sometimes it seems to us that it could seem a bit strange, so we're excited that you have stayed for it. ^^

Like most of us, we've also been young players, and we wanted to share this project with as many people as possible. We believe in other ways to finance ourselves, such as future projects, special content, or the Patreon itself that we recently opened. 

Thank you very much for the support, really. Feedback makes our day and helps us to work harder on the next update, which we hope can come soon! ❤

OMG! First of all, thank you very much for that incredible drawing. It makes us very happy to know that you enjoy our game and our characters. We have spent a lot of time thinking about how to make the story entertaining for everyone and without a route that is more canonical than the others. We are all feeling great and very very soon we promise to return with a very special update.

Without any commitment, can we share your incredible drawing? If you say yes, we would put it on Twitter or link you on instagram. If you have an account on those social networks and it’s okay by you, hand us the link or tell us how to give you credit (a name or nick with which you identify yourself). We loved it! 

TY, shir0xx 💖 Maskeguy is one of our favorite kid. We hope can create a very good story for them and the rest of the crew.

Thank you very much, we have been building the characters and their arcs for a long time to make them attractive. From the beginning we wanted to make a visual novel a little more open, where being 'bad' is as fun as being 'good'.

Thank you very much Castonovia44, in december we will come with another update.

There isn't an official date, but we hope it will be around Christmas. We will notify in the devlogs and on our social networks.

We are very grateful for your comment, and we love that you enjoy Chronicles!! The next chapter is already in process ~ ^^ 

Thanks jman226 !! The music is free to use, you can find it on the artist's website (Jason Shaw).

That was fast! 😳 Thank you so much for your attention and support 💕 We hope you like this episode! 

One week. 🙌

Thank you for support us. ^^

We want the next few chapters to be a little bit more intense than what we have show you so far. We have finished introducing the world and the characters and now comes the time to dig into the character arcs and the second story arc.

In chapter 8.1 we will see much more of Pin and the Brotherhood of Blood... About the rest we cannot say much without letting out some spoilers. 😶

Yes, the next update will be back with the humans! We will bring news about their adventures very soon. 💚

Soon 👀