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At the end it got pretty intense. Overall a pretty game and enjoyable to play! Did you do the soundeffects by yourself? Really good job and well done!

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I couldn't beat Matejs highscore, but I got pretty close. Thank you for the Update on the lander. Now I managed to land more often. Good job with the game =)

After 250 Apples i let the cat run away to see what happens. So it doesn't impact the gameif she is leaving. Overall a good job and impressive what can be done in one hour. Have you made the assets by yourself? =)

Pretty nice game! Yes, sometimes we tend to not take care of ourselfs. So thank you for the reminder! I'm looking forward to your next entry for the one hour game jam. It is amazing what you could do in just one hour =)

Pretty solid game after one hour. You have done a very good job. I like to play around with this. If you type in negative numbers, it's getting hillarious :D

Pretty solid game for only one hour. Sadly the restart button is not working for me, but overall its a lot of fun! I have managed to get to 13635 Points =)

The Theme is: 

You can't do it alone.

Hello =)
Nice to hear about this opportunity. There are currently some people which wanted to make groups. Right now they organise it directly on discord.
So I think if you dont find anyone here, then I think you will find someone there. Would love to hear your stuff =)

I live currently in the house. Actually there would theoretically be the opportunity to do so. It depends on how many rooms would be booked. If you want to ask the owner of the house and discuss with him this topic, then join the discord and DM James Newnorth.

I look also forward to it =)