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this absolutely rules. pages 6 and 7 are so succinct and simply/beautifully designed that i want to like print them and have them as posters in my room but also i think it would break my heart to look at them every day. some things are posters and some go in your bedside drawer like a bible. 

i have been a fan of Witchy for years so what a delight to learn ariel slamet ries is not only talented and funny but also an artist of impeccable taste in men and/or lizards. this rules

tysm!!! without spoiling too much... the girls will hash it out one way or another >:^)

really so beautiful and oppressively detailed!

mecha is a genre i'm so fascinated by but i rarely find art that truly gets at the parts of it that i want to see poked at and pulled apart - but UNBECOMING so exactly covers what i've always thought and felt and wondered and wanted to see. i am just so delighted to have found a story answering exactly the "what if"s at the back of my head every time i see a flimsy little human in a gigantic churning robot. 

the balance of writing a mecha story with virtually no mechas on the page is incredible and you really nailed it - the chassis is so absolutely inescapable even from the confines of a childhood bedroom. this is up there in my favourite mecha stories with dreadnought and psycho nymph exile. i just loved it a lot!

this is really beautifully told and drawn. i feel like i rarely see pencil comics? it's really nice to see the way an artist's hand moves.

"downward is heavenward" is somehow one of the funniest sweetest things i've read. the whole collection is really overwhelming - which i mean neutrally, neither as an insult or a compliment, it just sort of is? - so something about the natural born killers looney tunes rampaging of "downwards" just came through crystal clear in comparison to the stories before it. made me laugh out loud and send screenshots of my favourite parts on discord! i just loved that one a lot!

all over, even if it sometimes left me confused or wanting - also neutral, i don't think it's bad for a book to make you want - it was a palate cleanser to just read something wildly honest and uninhibited. i'm glad people make art like this.

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THIS GAME RULES!!! i am a friend it was streamed to and i enjoyed every second of it. incredibly fun hangout game if you like streaming with friends over discord and stuff. ik is my best friend!!! shrimp is also my best friend!!! the funny little run animation and pitter patter sounds were my best friends!!! the gun jingle... is my bestest friend of all.

obsessed with your seamless integration of organic horror, i haven't read something in a while that just so effortlessly presented really disgusting visuals and let them just speak for themselves. the monorail tendons and chicken breast walls are so so nasty and i love them so much. also you are so incredibly funny. this rules