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this is has a lot of really hot scenes! i have like maybe 3 or 4 things left to unlock, although admittedly i cheesed a couple of the puzzles... which led me to understanding how to get them for real. hopefully i can start over and get everything legit and not accidentally skip over text!

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Ran into a problem when I updated - feels like it might be the itch client's fault but who knows - it kept kicking me out saying I needed to update still. In the folder, instead of installing the new build to the existing install folder ("/petal-crash-online/"), it installed to a subfolder within that folder called "/Petal Crash Online/". Renaming the install folder before updating might prevent the issue, or it might break things further, I don't know. But copying from the new folder to the actual install folder fixes the issue, in case anyone else also had this happen.

i believe this is because the corresponding .zip is not tagged as a Windows version (no icon next to the download)

that should be expected if you read the description, lol. i've no plans to patch this now that the jam's over, i'd rather take what i learned and apply it as i move forward. though i might return and flesh out this concept a bit more at some point