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Hey, sorry you feel that way. I'm not sure which ending you got but there are several different ending depending on your choices trough the story. 

And there may also be one or two cliffhangers for a potentiall sequel ;) 

thank you, I hope you will like it :)


Well, you only had to wait 243 days ;)

but now I can finally say that it is here!

It is not steam only. we have always planned to release the game here, but the launch on was unfortunately a bit delayed.
but that will be fixed very soon

thanks for showing interest in our other projects.

LIRS is still very early in development and we are ushure how long it will take to finish it. After Celestial Crossing is done (very soon) we will be able to spend more time on our other projects. We will then probably create a site for every project on our website

we are doing our best to have it out before the holidays.

Thank you for your patience

wow, thank you! That made me really happy.

Yes we are still working on it, and I am happy to inform you that we are currently working on the final chapter of the story! No release date has been set yet, but we are aiming for sometime late summer/early autumn! More info will be released really soon! The best way to stay updated is to follow us on Twitter @touwakustudio

Thanks again for the post, it made my day!