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Even if it's designed to fit in a phone, I think it would be nice to have a widescreen version, where we would have access to every girl without scrolling on the super narrow screen. 

Also, since the update, the text is being cropped by the window (steam version)

I think the mod stopped being supported, since last update

Is it an issue that when Jenna gains back her vibro ability, she runs at like 0.001 m/s unless I hit [ENTER] to skip the animation? And I can't wait to see the next update. FINALLY a hentai game with an ACTUAL plot!

Your games need always to make up the content... Have you ever considered trying to make a game in which the mechanic itself opens A LOT of possibilities? 

I know it might be hard to make a hypno related game about it, but I'm pretty sure there can be a way. (If I had an idea, I'd probably try to exploit it myself ^^")

Can't play it from here :(