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 I.F.O for New Nintendo 3DS  will be out on June 28th in Americas, Europe, and AU/NZ! #IFO #N3DS #NintendoeShop


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I.F.O Halloween Sale at 4 platforms!

2017/10/26 ~ 2017/11/01 

iOS  1.99$ > 0.99$

Android  1.99$ > 0.99$

STEAM  3.99$ > 2.99$  3.99$ > 2.99$

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Now sale "Made In Korea" bundle!


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I.F.O On the Tokyo Game Show 2017!

I.F.O update to 1.1.0 on Android

*Update thing* 
- Added 10 achievements.

*Changed thing* 
- Score rebalancing. 
- Splash damage change of rocket. 
- Changed UFO process method at Out of screen.

Google Play

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Now "GAMESCOM 2017" celebration sale!

I.F.O in the Gamescom2017!

App Store - 50% sale, 8/23 ~ 8/28

Google play - 50% sale, 8/23 ~ 8/28

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I.F.O can play with touch on Table PC.

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[Review] I.F.O - More than a simple LCD game?

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I.F.O released on STEAM!!

STEAM stor link


She is playing a game made by her papa.

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I.F.O Steam shop page open!

Now beta testing on Steam. 

If you purchased on,  you can get a Steam beta key.

Let's try!

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Are you haven't iPhone? so can't you play I.F.O? Don't worry. Now sale I.F.O android version! 50% off too!!

Replay movie of world ranking no.1 player.

I.F.O featured again at US App Store! Now featured celebration sale! try it!

I.F.O on the google play!

I.F.O has been Greenlit! Thank you for all vote.

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I.F.O updated to version 1.3.2! 

- Add I.F.O sticker for iMessage. 

Now you can use cute I.F.O sticker pack on iMessage.

App Store Link

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Thank you so much!! ^^)/

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I.F.O updated to version 1.3.0!

Finally, I.F.O supported iPad!!

App Store Link

I.F.O will go to the Kyoto for bitsummit!!

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I.F.O updated to version 1.2 on app store.

App Store Link

*Update things*
1. New weapon "Floating mine" added .
- Rescue the cow(or sheep) with the "F" mark on its body.

2. New U.F.O the "Octopus" added .
- It appears when you shoot down a lot of U.F.O.'s

3. Leader board "Kidnap ranking" added(App store only) .
- Ranking for the number of kidnapped aliens.

4. Pause function added.
- Push "Play" button during game play.

*Changed things*
1. Weapon spec change
- You can destroy the bullet that the UFO fires by using the drill.
- The Initial launch time of the "Rocket" was changed from 1 second to 0.7 seconds.
- The number of homing missiles launched has increased.

2. Combo spec change
- No reset combo when player is damaged.
- Extend combo keeping time.

3. ETC
- you can disable screen scratch by touching the screen.

Thank you, Thank you for playing my game!

It was awesome game play movie.

I'll try keep up good work.

I.F.O has been featured on U.S app store! So doing celebration Discount sale now. Enjoy every one!

App Store Link


1.0.3 Uptate:

  • Add weapon "Drill"

Released apple app store!!

iTunes preview page is here.

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Thank you for playing my game!! please I Hope you enjoyed play game.


The current best score is 70. haha!

Merry christmas and happy new year!

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1.0.2 Uptate:

  • Delete "Development version" text.
  • ADD clock.