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Take as much time as you need! I hope I didn't pressure you by asking or anything. I understand the need for a break, especially with the circumstances you were in when writing this, so take as long as you need! I really, really hope you're able to recover healthily and quickly and cut ties with all of those horrible people if you haven't already. I also understand sometimes working on too much for one project and getting overwhelmed, so I also wish you luck with that! Thank you for responding, and again, you have my best wishes. Take as much time as you need! <3

i just found it and i ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. but, seeing its still in development, and some messages going back far enough to 5 years old, as well as most comments now being months old, i'd just like to make sure this is still being worked on so i'll know whether to expect updates and changes or not. i really, really, love the game and i hope for it to continue its development and perhaps be released on sites such as steam, but i understand if you're not going to work on it anymore.