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I have two possible solutions to the biggest problem of the game:
1) give a minor reward for duplicates after lover (maybe raise all costs and rewards and give a single gem for each draw of a lover)

2) allow ascension before you get lover on everyone, either by reducing the number of lovers, changing it to unlocked characters rather than lovers, or having ascension also be a heart gem cost

or both

is there a way of adjusting the point value for autoinfinite? I see the set button, but can't adjust the value

one relatively minor disgruntlement in addition to the balance issues everyone else mentioned: the training/help is missing key things, most notably the stats you can advance with training. In addition to including it there, it would be nice to have a mouseover popup on main window icons like for the items in the hero sidebar. The muscular arm is obvious, the book slightly less so (is it mage, cleric, or both) but the other two are incomprehensible to me

were the terrain dice removed or is my rng just abysmal recently?

nice UI, but muting the sound doesn't work and supposedly hard puzzles are way too easy

unlike picross, the numbers don't indicate continuous groups and you just need to guess until you've gotten the order correct. I'm personally giving up on the game because of it

this will be a great game when you clean up the controls: very hard to select the things to build and it will often build when you try to select the item. I've also died a few times because it had me walk off the raft when trying to build something

Do you mean I need to get the cleric further to unlock the knight? I can get the skeletons all the way to the castle enough times to clear the level without ever unlocking the knight

love the game both for the puzzles and the visuals

fun little game but I don't understand how the unlock is supposed to work; I thought you meant the further units got on the path the more would be unlocked,  but in my two playthroughs the knight never unlocked

Please do. a mute would be bare minimum since music tastes are not universal and some people want other audio sources while playing games

is there volume control? I'm not seeing a menu option for it

running on Ubuntu 20 I get a grey screen and cursor, but nothing else

it doesn't seem to do anything for me. is there some way you need to activate it?

a basic explanation of rules and what upgrades do/how they work would be nice

what are the game control commands? playing on linux, had to alt f4 to quit because esc only brought up mouse sensitivity and couldn't find any other key to bring up a menu

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fun little game, but definitely needs an instructions page to not have to flounder around until you figure out you can slash trees to get the materials needed for a workshop