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Really wish there was a task/objective menu or something or at least the ability to scroll back through text. Maybe have a quick navigation menu to go from room to room or see where a family member is...and holy hell FUCK that computer mini game. There will never be a time where I'm able to beat that WTF!

This is a dead game. Hasn't had an update since 2021 and the last post on his Pateron was September 2021. Don't waste your money

I agree

Pretty sure this game is dead, even his Pateron hasn't had a single post in 5 months since December of last year

Thank you, I suppose I just suck at the mini game lol

The job mini game just makes no sense to me. I click the task then a station yet orders just pile up way faster than than the wife can complete. I have yet to have one single successful shift. What am I doing wrong?

Is this game still getting updates?

They seem to have yes. 10 months of nothing is a long time.

Nothing here or on Patreon since September 2022... I assume this game is dead?

There hasn't been an update here in about 10 months....prolly safe to assume it's not getting any more updates on Itch. He is still fairly active on his pateron

Has anyone played this? Is it worth the $10? Game file seems extremely small so i'm a bit worried it's a very short game.

Game is short but enjoyable. I look forward to seeing how the game progresses :)


Does paying the $11 grant you access to Ep 1-5 and all future updates or is the $11 specifically for just this current version?

His Pateron hasn't had a post since December 24th 2022, ( so I wouldn't hold your breath for an update any time soon.

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Can anyone who tried this game say if it's worth the $13.00 price tag? The file size seems tiny so i'm worried it's an extremely short game. 

Also the lack of comments here has me concerned...

Does this game have stills or animated scenes?

Does paying the $3.00 give you access to future updates before the free players or would I need to pay again every update?

it's been about a year with not update

Is this game dead? I notice the pateron is no longer available

There is no link to your Pateron...

Anyone that has played this, is it worth the price tag? and how long is the game?

are the scenes animated or stills in this VN?

Is this a complete game? Just feel a little nervous seeing as how there are no comments here and the $20 price tag seems really steep, especially if the game isn't finished or is short

Yea dang, I was also thinking this would be more of a move about the city and get clients. Is there something like a "cheat" option for those of us not interested in the running and hiding from gangs, police, etc.
Or maybe rather than causing a game over there could be an option to "convince" the police or gang members to let you go?

Is this game still putting out updates? I just seem a little nervous about dropping $13 for a game with such a small file size as well as the only comment on here being a deleted one from 4 years ago...


Can you post a Pateron link?

Can you put up a Pateron link? also is the neighbor the only other character atm or will there be more "neighbors"? 

Forgive me if this is answered in-game as I have not yet played it. 

I think it would be great if you added an automated feature for the brothel. Doing the brothel mini game grind for money gets old fast. Maybe make it so that once you do a brothel scene a few times you are given the option to automate or skip?


Well done game, interesting take on the leveling system. The story is good and keeps things engaging. I am however surprised/disappointed with the lack of animation. Even if you set something like a 5 render loop I think it would really help bring the game to life.  

I really think you should always have the free version at least one or two updates behind the supporter version and keep it that way. This will help to incentivize people to support your game as well as give a meaningful bonus to your paid supporters while still offering free content. 

Thank you

Is this game dead? and if not is there a Pateron link?

No Patreon?