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Love the new update, keep it up.

Would love to see more players on this game.

Pretty hard to do if you're a single person working on a game with tons of requests.

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Here's the screenshot buddy. Not that hard.

SteelRaven7, you've been getting a lot of praise about this game and I 100% believe you deserve all of it and more. I love how you respond to comments and try to help people out if they've been having problems and you seem to listen to what people have to say, just like what a developer should do. I can't wait to see more releases and even the completed game. Maybe in the distant future this game would be greenlit on Steam, where I would gladly buy it to support you. All I ask now is to keep doing what you're doing. :)

I don't really understand why you would say that, I was just helping someone.

Performance? You mean the minimum specs? I don't know exactly, but the game can probably be played at a good fps on a low-end computer.

Delete ALL files, and redownload the game.

Try a different browser.

Easy, you use the number keys to select it

You shoot it.

How many bots did you add in?

You could kick bots out by killing them.

I've been playing this game for a while now after downloading it about a week ago. It's just so fun and simple, I love it.

I love the game by the way and I would buy this if it was on steam. I have several suggestions however.

1. Kill Visual - Can you add some sort of visual that is shown when we kill a red? I think it would just feel "better" seeing something like that after successfully killing a red enemy.

2. AI Path Variation - Adding some more variation to AI movements would appreciated, seeing 15 of them moving in a line shoulder-to-shoulder seems a bit odd.

3. End Menu Return - After winning/losing a game, the game should quit to the main menu after about 5 seconds. If it does already automatically return, I haven't seen it do that yet.

4. Customize Number of Players on a Team - I'd like to change the amount of players there are on a team. For example, what if I wanted to go solo against 20 enemies? I'd change the number of players on the blue team to 1 and the red team to 20.