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good, but not scary

Where do you apply the screwdriver? The button only becomes avaible in front of certain doors in a row, but it does nothing

it's good, but you should work on optimization. There are too many details: are there glasses in the kitchen drawers, wth? I had light problems too, if I pick up a paper it's all dark until I tilt it, but perhaps it's gamma. 

Link expired

yes, and I die after that

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boring. spent too much time not knowing what to do. Maybe a bug, I literally looked everwhere. I'm stuck after the kid disappeared from the room

very cool

"where the fuck is this guy?" lmaoooooo

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this game is really hard. sometimes I don't understand what the hell I am supposed to do. And why I can't call Mark Torrence??? I'm quite frustrated honestly, I'll watch a playthrough instead. 

Edit: Address Mark Torrence? Really? That doesn't make any sense

Edit2: Also the really specific stuff that you have to in the game...

it was a relaxing experience, thank you

way too few pixels, I don't understand what the hell is going on, what am I walking on, etc.


I actually laughed at the black shadow part lol



I like this

He's trash, almost beat him

Doing taxes is already horror

the first one in this case

huh good to know. Somebody should test it in a virtual machine. I'm too lazy though

gold stuff here

I'm already hyped for a sequel lol

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I'm pissed off because I don't know if the date is in the european or american way. Also it didn't show this thing again

This game is rigged XD

What I love is that it is implied that in the future you can join these cultists... I mean it makes me remember Harvester


ok, but WASD literally doesn't work. After I inserted "Map" only then it did someting: in theory it made me look in different directions

I picked up the items before reading the letter, and I couldn't complete the objective. (I didn't finish the game, because this type burns my CPU like hell)

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I can't control the movement, and there is no character. I can only input commands like Help, Movement, etc. After Reset I still can't do anything

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it's very good, but very bad at the same time. Putting 666 or dark web in the title will only make it silly these days, because people joke about this stuff. Also there are these clearly photoshopped creepy pictures in-game. What you can do is to change the title, don't make any backstory to the game (we know a human made it), substitute the pictures with some interesting text (in this way you can practice your english).

Edit: there are like three games with the same "eye" thumbnail picture


it's optimized like shit, you got my internal ciruits melting pal, yet I have 8Gb video

it doesn't start :( the loading bar still lacks a little piece after 5 minutes

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soooooooo... am I supposed to not be able to answer the phone?

edit: ok, I've just read the descrpition LOL

I'm quite hard to please, but aesthetically and this is good! Also the audio is just perfect.

It's possible to let the mosnter follow you until the very end of the road, then you get stuck and the monster will knock you down indefinitely off camera.

saaaaameeee. Probably the scariest thing i've experienced since local58tv

to have a straight line, one must have at least two dots. So if you are looking just in the front sight, like it happens to me, no way you'll shoot straight. In fact the rear sight wasn't present when aiming. Besides I get it that it's just a demo, sorry for being too harsh, I'm dead tired..

now THIS is a horror game...

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come ooon, you don't even look in the gunsight correctly. Also you come exterminating a facility with just a shirt on? Is this serious sam's lost brother?

I give you no rating for now

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oh my god,

I thought that the first tablet was related to the first chalice, and therefore the acrostic on that table would indicate the position inside our sequence. I didn't think about counting chalices from the left to the right at all, but I considered them related to the positions of the tablets

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Any help with the fire room? Let's say that I found a hidden order, which can't be a coincidence, yet it doesn't work..

Edit2: nvm I solved it by trying every order

I really like it, amazing job Voxel