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can't see it

i'm surpirised, this stuff is pretty good. optimized well too. found one bug though as the monster can get stuck in a door then disappaer

alright, went to the most bottom room. now what? there is that multi-head thing

im sweating

How much I hate when people don't post controls...

what are the comands dude

i press any key, but it doens't start?

lmao i got a heart attack. 10/10 would do again

not bad at all, im impressed

so there are multiple endings?

how do i start though?

wtf dude

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yeah, it was the blue cube. also when it restarted the board was empty, so no way out

got trapped in the biliard room, because a cube flew away from the board, then when the time stopped i restarted in there

shit, this is unnerving

this is broken as hell. went off the map, traveled in the void to another area with tentacles. still no clue where i was supposed to go

this is annoying tbh

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can you tell me more about the engine? pretty please


too complicated, didnt finish. 

just kidding, but the A looks like R

at level 5 (since it's in windowed) clicked away and went back: the game stopped responding

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that plunger stopped doing damage at some point. not sure if i won though

idk, sometimes it bugs out and becomes a straight line from that end

put the brightness all the way up and every text glitched

i didn't know wtf was happening all the time, but in a bad way

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i have no audio, also the controls are weird: i jump while pressing space

the recruitment is too slow i believe, but this game is not bad at all

its a copy of re7, but the use of ambient and lightning is superb

damn... the potential here....

literally can't use magic. my mouse works fine


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i meant his dead body falls off. thing is that picking up the manifesto solves the problem. saw the pillow lmao, but not the manifesto. There is another thing though, I remember when I was in the clown maze, then paused the game and went for dinner. When I came back, I was floating above the maze. It seems to happen everywhere though

SPOILERS: Norman body falls off all the time. I presume I have to gather a key from it, but it's a dead end

some of the most bastard puzzles i've ever seen in games are here

i don't have a mac os lol