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it was fun actually, like some biopunk stuff. but the lighting and reflections suck obv

sure lags a lot in browser


i was not impressed, but stunned

you can't

was there a monster? i got a caught ending while leaving my room door and i didn't see it. the door movement hid everything i guess

perspective makes it hard ngl

odd, i remember pressing all keys

hell no, I'm not playing this lol

did you reach the treehouse? it starts getting nice at that point

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how do you actually turn the flashlight on? i click on use and nothing happens

edit: oh well finished the game regardless. damn it was spooky, specially eveything after you enter the treehouse, but the final section wasn't that great

man, i pressed esc accidentally twice, i wanna die

i always unpack. by the way, same issue also online

after she says take a good look, nothing works or happens

cool markiplier ee. anyway i think i broke the game by interacting with the car and then by picking up the bag

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but... what is the black sphere audio? why put something like this in game

seethe more i put 1 star because shitty game design

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a vehicle? there was a vehicle? i reached a building which seemed like a base. all sealed off. it doesn't even tell you it's the base. not a single clue on what to do, how to enter, if that is in fact a base

good music

idk man, nice running simulator, the only things i figured out were running, throwing, holding, et cetera. how to get to the base? no clue

what do you do after the hammer lol

too much stuff to find, got bored


this was extremely inspiring

why not use unity?

true, it is veryyy dark fsr

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I see, thank you. By the way, here's a list of fixable things:

1. when you press esc to pause and have the gun equipped, it keeps shooting at every click, thus wasting ammo

2. maybe put invisible borders at the sea, because i saw a dude walking underwater near the compound

aaand... i can't find the cellar key or the blood trail after leaving mines. i really tried. very nice looking game though

there is this huge map, no idea where to go, what to do. it's huge emptiness. am i missing something?

no idea on what to do once the lights go out. anyway, i saw a person outside just sticking out after that? kind of just hanging with arms forward?

idk, i give up, restore this power yourself

this game managed to make me depressed af it seems lol

can't see it

i'm surpirised, this stuff is pretty good. optimized well too. found one bug though as the monster can get stuck in a door then disappaer

alright, went to the most bottom room. now what? there is that multi-head thing

im sweating

How much I hate when people don't post controls...