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Please make the sunblock retail compatible?

Oh that's great. I said that from memory because we spoke on SAD Discord once and you mentioned the exceptions.

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I'm excited to play because restaurant diners are now affected. Thank you, Kuttoe!

Hopefully, bar drinkers as well in the future.

What's the setting for Uptown in San Myshuno? I wanted to set it to business suits

This is awesome!!

There's a game issue that prevents player-made teens from spawning in High Schools. Zerbu made a fix for it

There's a game issue that prevents player-made teens from spawning in High Schools. Zerbu made a fix for it

Do I need to redo this every game patch? Or just when you update?

No problem, Kuttoe! 

Do you think it is possible to change chance card outcomes so that the sim gets fired or suspended instead of just getting demoted?

Oooh, I actually use Preferences Plus too. It's one of the necessities. Thank you so much for modding.


Drunk texts/calls from ex

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Thanks, Kuttoe!

I know it's hard to make these (I attempted it myself, but it's very tedious), but if you're interested, I was going to suggest a preference category for cultural food especially since there are so many food options in this game than I know what to do with. I thought it was cool since food is something that's an identifier of culture.

Excited for the future of this mod

Your traits make a lot of sense, thank you and cheers

If you like the idea, perhaps you can add a chance to receive a pop-up invite from co-workers at the end of work sometimes or a chance for a co-worker to go home with the main sim.

Merci! Have fun too

This is amazing, especially the beer!

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It doesn't work for me, not sure why. I pressed F1 and tried the cheat "dc" as well. It always shows as "off" in the mod settings.

EDIT: Lol sorry, I missed the note at the top. Now I know.



Thank you for this. Keep safe.

Hi, Kuttoe. Does this add Work From Home assignments to more careers?

Oops, I just realized that Strangerville came with a military career that does that haha. I don't have that pack though.

Hi Kuttoe! Just here to share an idea that came to me when I saw RVSN's medal display case. I thought of this mod then and I think it would be really cool if the surviving sims come back with medals in their inventory for decor.  They would have varying buffs, like 'Received medal of Honor' and 'Cross of Navy or Airforce', so that there would be varying decor objects for display.  I didn't think of it much though, not sure if it's feasible

Thanks Kuttoe! I have one last question. Will it conflict with NoelleBelle fleur's Work at Home mods?

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Does it conflict with mods that alter payments for freelancer jobs? Or songs, paintings, books royalties ? 

Hi, Kuttoe. Thank you for another streamlined mod. Just a suggestion, if you could include custom careers by other simmers?

Same question.

Hello! I wish war wasn't several hours, could it possibly go for sim months while also aging them and giving them personality buffs? Just for the sake of storytelling. I'd love my sim father to serve in the war and return to already grown up kids and possibly cheating wife.