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After playing Bendy and the Ink Machine I just had to doodle my own little rendition of Bendy. Thank you theMeatly for sharing this game with us, looking forward to the next chapter! :D

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Just played Lost Shadows and I really enjoyed it! I'm glad it's not a gory or jumpy horror game because it doesn't need to be, the atmosphere is creepy enough.. and those darn mannequins. The only things I had problems with were a few performance issues (though that could be because it's still a demo) and reading the notes scattered around the park. The text on paper is very difficult to read at times and it would benefit from an option to put it in a more readable format, I really want to know the story! Other than that though, this game was amazing and I really hope you carry on working on Lost Shadows.

I really enjoyed playing Feral, the graphics are beautiful and there's just something about roaming around this alien landscape as a wild cat, hunting kangaroo-like frogs and magical looking deer. Unfortunately I did run into a couple of problems while playing. I know it's just a demo but I experienced frequent crashes that meant I had to restart the game, and I had a heck of a time trying to scale the resolution to my monitor. Every time I seemed to get it perfect it moved again! If some of the bugs get ironed out I'll definitely give this a game another go because it seems worth it.

I also made a let's play which you can check out here -

Ahh, thank you!

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I really loved Anxiety: Lost Night, it had me on the edge of my (car) seat for the entire play through. I also like the fact you left the story and ending open for interpretation! I'm really curious to know what this woman was doing so late at night in the middle of the woods, especially with such strange and... disturbing items on her person. Thank you for making it! Also, is this an updated version to the one available on Game Jolt or is it the same?