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Level Avalanche is still built incorrectly. It has "WALL IS STOP", but no actual wall tiles. It has cliff tiles and "CLIFF IS NOT FALL" though, so that's probably what you meant.

Edit: Stardrop and Meteor Strike can be cheesed with "BELT IS S T A R IS FLAG". You can finish "S T A R" right next to a belt, and there's two turns before "FLAG IS WIN" is disrupted, exactly enough for belt to to star (and then flag).

So excited that part 5 came out! But I'm on Linux now, and can't play it. Is there any chance of getting a port?

Cardhoard community · Created a new topic 6-box combo

I managed to get one! The trick is to break the stack before the skull block arrives. Sadly, the sixth box gives 2500 points again, like the fifth box, so there's not much gained from doing this, and the skull block crushes you immediately afterwards, so I wouldn't recommend doing this.

Update: I have managed to achieve a full stack of skulls with a score of 0 points! It wasn't that hard, but was fun to try anyway.

I followed you for this game! It is clever, fast, and fun. Thanks for making it!