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yes, one is for solo play :)

Thank you!!! It is now :)

Thank you, I'm glad you like it! :)

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I just used regular 11x8.5 size printer paper. If you use the Jpegs then you can do 2 to a page!

As long as there are words and chapters, it’ll work! :)

Thank you for the feedback! I love making quirky little games like this and hearing how people interpret and play them makes it all the more enjoyable! I’d love to hear about your play through 😊

Yay! I’m glad you like it :)

I’m glad, thank you 😊 

Thank you so much for sharing, I really enjoyed reading your play through ☺️

Would you like to post them here?

That would be fine with me :)

I'd love your notes!

I'm super glad you like it! I've never won anything like this before, would "purchasing" the game through name your price work?

Thank you so much, again I'm super happy you like it-I had a lot of fun making it!

Hi, thanks! The suit progressions goes like this: Hearts, Spades, Diamonds then Clubs :)

Hi! It’s just a joke referencing the original concept for the game ;)

No problem! I just uploaded a non-booklet version you can easily read on the computer. I hope you enjoy the game :)

Hi, thanks for checking out my game!
You're right, that's really the main point-reading motivation :)
I wanted the difficulty to level with the length of the book and how far you are in it thus having the leveling benefit opponents. 

I've already played this five times and each time I end up with a completely different page-SO MUCH replayability! I love it, your game is awesome!

Thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback! Knowing that this has become one of your favorite genres is high praise indeed. I'm thrilled you enjoyed it, and I hope my other games bring you just as much joy. Happy journaling!

Hi Erell! Absolutely, I'd be thrilled to discuss the possibility of translating of some of my games into French by your team. I'll reach out to you through gmail. Thank you for this exciting opportunity, and have a wonderful day as well! :)

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I'm a big fan of your system, especially the physical exploration feature. Among all the journaling game mechanics I've experimented with, this really distinguishes itself, in addition to being super fun!

I've recently released Heart's Haunt, using your framework, and had a great time tweaking the numbers to achieve the desired difficulty level. A huge thanks for all the resources and guidance you provided! I'm already conceptualizing another game inspired by carta, with a focus on interdimensional travel, bearing a distinct Cronenberg-esque vibe. I hope that's alright with you? 

I just finished it, it's called Warp-Morph. Thank you for sharing such a fun system!

Thank you! Really glad you're enjoying it!

Thanks so much for your support! I'm thrilled to hear that you're excited about the new game :)

Great game! I played it without reading the book it was based on and really enjoyed it. My first playthrough was heart wrenching-I loved it. Since the game was so good I thought I'd read the book and so far it's my favorite of the year. 

Thank you for this wonderful game and introducing me to a great book!