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Hi. Sorry to hear that. There is a new executable up called A Firm Handshake MacOS (permission fix) that might work. Let me know if you give it a try!

Hi, I don't have a Mac but according to some other people this gets around it:

A regular reminder for fellow Catalina users: if having trouble running the game, you need to execute the following on the command line:

cd [to the directory where is located] cd chmod +x "A Firm Handshake"

After this, you need to hold control + right-click on the application, and select Open.

Oh awesome, thanks. You can DM me on Twitter @torfias.

Thanks! KIDS and Plug & Play were big inspirations.

Thanks! I don't have a Mac to test this but glad there is a workaround.

Looks amazing! After buying a scooter, I couldn't get in. It looked like the "buy" trigger was overlapping or something, it would just offer me to buy more scooters, even after I spent all my money on scooters.

It works now!

When I launch the game, it starts in fullscreen, shows the sokpop logo, restarts in a window, shows the sokpop logo again, restarts in fullscreen and shows the logo one more time, then crases and shows this error:

action number 1
of  Step Event0
for object oClient:

Unable to find any instance for object index '100012'
at gml_Object_oClient_Step_0
stack frame is
gml_Object_oClient_Step_0 (line -1)

I was using the 320kbps, LAME-encoded mp3s off of the Warp Records site. They're huge and I guess Source doesn't like them because it worked with a mp3 I ripped off of youtube.

I thought this was great by the way! Would love to see more.

Any idea why the track wouldn't be playing? The mod seems to be correctly installed and I have moved and renamed all the mp3s into saw2\sound\music. Camera moves around when I start the game and I hear the UI audio but no music. Music volume setting is at max. Nothing immediately obviously wrong in the console.

Very cool animations and mood. Do you have a link to the Ludum Dare page?

I wish I could understand the voiceover but still lovely.

This was made in Unity with the help of this addon:

Very extreme control scheme. I like it.

Amazing! This popped up in my recommended feed on itch and I just downloaded it because I liked the smiley ice cream. Was not expecting it to be so deep but it really hit me. The breathing mechanic is brilliant. This is so good.

I couldn't find use or poop buttons when using a controller. Also having a controller plugged in disabled keyboard input which was a little annoying. Otherwise I really like this.

That sounds cool. I don't know how familiar you are with Eve Online it's sort of built around these kinds of dynamics. For a while I made in-game money in Eve by conning my way into corps (their equivalent of guilds) and stealing ships from shared ship warehouses (I was a shitty teenager). The devs won't intervene unless you are exploiting broken mechanics in some way so my victims would pay other players to come after me to try to get me to pay them back. Eventually I ended up on a list of targets for some of the major corps and would just get immediately killed when I entered certain areas.

I will say I mostly played Eve as a teenager with nothing else to do and every attempt I made to get into it more casually later in life failed. Partially that's because, as cool as these dynamics are, it's very hard to participate in them meaningfully if you are not all-in on the game. I would be very interested to see an attempt at evoking something like this without all the baggage of a normal MMO though.

I missed the deadline : /

Amazing. I love this a lot.

Hey! I decided to make a first-person collectible card game for Ludum Dare this weekend. The theme was combine two (incompatible) genres. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try out Doodle Studio. It was! I ended up combining 3D and Doodle Studio assets which I think looks pretty cool although I want to spend some more time tweaking the lighting to make the 3D stuff look better. Doodle Studio is an awesome tool and I was super happy with how quickly I could make assets. The game ended up being a lot simpler than what I had originally envisioned due to time constraints but I think I got a lot more content in that I would have without Doodle Studio. I'd love to do more with this concept in the future and maybe turn it into a larger game. In the mean time, check it out!

Awesome, thanks!

This app really smells but I like it.

I loved this. Thank you.

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I had this problem, too. In my case I had at some point deleted the original room and I think something in bitsy's initialization was trying to select room 0. I fixed it by copying the game data into a text editor and made one of the rooms index 0, made sure the exits pointed to 0 instead of what it used to be and update the sprite positions. Then  copied the game data back into the editor. It might be easier to make a new room and set that one to be ROOM 0 if you have a lot of exits and sprites in there. You can probably also copy the game data, hit "reset game data", reload the page, and then paste your game data back in since this happens when the page gets loaded.

I love this concept and the game looks awesome but for some reason the guy keeps stopping even though I'm mashing. You're supposed to mash them at the same time, right? Alternating keys doesn't seem to make him move at all. If I mash at the same time he starts going forward very slowly but keeps stopping and gets eaten in a few seconds. I'm mashing pretty fast, as fast as I can anyway. I've never had an issue with this keyboard before so I don't think that's the problem.

I love this game!

Great! I got it this time and finished one game on Normal. The things that confused me were: at first I didn't understand that I had to move a tile next to the character, I didn't understand that I had to move to the other board, I didn't understand what the lizards did or why they sometimes ran away, and the main thing I didn't understand was my overall goal. The text that's in the description now explains all of this very well, I don't know what the best way to convey this in-game would be.

I think the UI for the goal and turns left could be more prominent and obvious. When I was first playing I didn't understand what the text at the beginning was referring to I didn't even notice those bars at the top. This time I noticed them but wasn't sure which one was which and didn't really have a good sense of how well I was doing until the very end. If there was a really obvious "You have 156/300 points and 12 turns left" type of UI element I think it would help a lot.

I think they breakdown of scoring could be a little more clear too. For example, show the score for each color in that color before adding them up. So you would see: 5 in yellow, then 4 in blue, then they add up to your total score and you get multipliers. 

I also didn't immediately realize that the tiles I drop onto go to where the other tiles were. It makes sense once you notice it but if you saw the tiles move instead of them just teleporting there I think that could help too.

Overall I think it's a cool game and I want to play more of it. I'm going to install it on my phone and show some friends.

Hi! The beta email said something about instructions but I can't find any. I watched the video that came with the first email but still don't really understand how to play after trying for a few minutes. I'd love to play and give some feedback but for now the only feedback I can give is: I have no idea what I am supposed to be doing or how any of it works haha! Sorry if I'm missing something obvious.

The app asks for some strange permissions when you install it. I trust you but you might want to consider modifying the manifest. I love the game.

Sure! The current version is a bit broken but I'll include a Mac build next version.

Cool, thanks!

Will this game be available here at some point?

Great characters. Great pups.

This sounds like a really interesting idea to explore. I can definitely relate to it coming in waves. I don't think I've ever been hungry for a very long time but I've heard that after a few days pangs of hunger sort of go away. Maybe because at that point in a survival situation they are inhibiting your ability to find food more than they are motivating you. It's interesting to think about how your body communicates with your mind. I think sleepiness/fatigue is similar. You can't just query your energy levels, your body has to send these sporadic alarms that are enough to distract you without being debilitating.

Some quick thoughts after my first session.

I played for a few hours and really enjoyed most of it. If I had bought the game on steam in its current state, I wouldn't be super happy about the bugs but I think I'd keep playing. The game really delivers on the promises the screenshots and trailers make which is quite impressive.

Obviously there are still a lot of bugs. I think the portal bugs are what disrupted my enjoyment the most. They really mess with the whole feel of the game and cause a lot of gameplay issues. One bug where after falling through a few instances of the level, portals would get walled off really messed with me. I was stuck for a long time because I didn't immediately recognize it as a bug, I just thought it was a weird wall or that I had to open the portal somehow.

One thing I wasn't expecting was how interesting traversal can be in this game. I had a lot of fun finding ways to use gravity to get from A to B faster. Portals really didn't like this, though. Falling through portals seemed mostly impossible, they would just turn into invisible floors. I don't want to spend too much time complaining about bugs, I've reported all this stuff and I'm sure it will all get fixed eventually. I only mention it because I feel like it colors the rest of the experience a bit.

I had two stretches where the game felt really amazing. The first was right from the beginning. The flow of the first puzzles up until the hub-world is great. I had seen some of the mechanics before so am probably not the best judge but the scaling of difficulty and variation in puzzles felt very good.

Then I first got to the hub-world (I think it was called HubMini or something in the overlay) and felt super lost. I felt completely overloaded with stuff but very little I could meaningfully interact with. I spent a lot of time falling around the level, finding doors I couldn't open and windows into places that looked interesting but I had no idea how to access. There were a couple of other levels I could enter including the Cubic Space level which, again, had nothing I could meaningfully interact with. The environments all looked very interesting but coming here straight from the intro levels which always gave you something very obvious to do made them feel very empty and confusing. Eventually I found a tree that had a block on it. It might have been close to where I came in and I just missed it but I got so lost in that space that I had no idea where I was when I found it. Having a clear short-term goal now, the game became really fun again. I knew of a door I could now open so I set about getting there. I don't remember exactly what came after that but soon I came to World_018_PastaTile which is where I encountered the closed portal bug. I hadn't seen that portal before so it didn't register to me as a bug and I got that completely aimless lost feeling again. Spent a lot of time wandering around trying to figure out if I had to somehow get a block from a different world into this one which felt like a super daunting task I didn't really want to try. I restarted the game because of another bug which fixed the portals and at that point things made a lot more sense and I was able to progress some more. After that was the second stretch that felt really good.

I'm having trouble putting together a timeline of the session in my mind because I still don't have a great sense for the space. That was part of what made any sort of long term goal like trying to get a block through different levels really daunting. The parts that felt good where parts where I had really clear short term goals and didn't have to worry about the big picture but that also makes everything feel more fractured.

A couple of minor things I noticed - the snappiness of the movement, the character having no acceleration or deceleration when walking, didn't feel great to me. Especially in comparison to shifting gravity which feels super nice. Even with the smoothing I felt like I could do it quickly when I wanted to. There were other little movement things that felt jarring. Holding a block while walking up stairs, for example, it shakes like crazy. It's pretty minor but smoothing that stuff out a little would make the whole game feel a lot better I think. I also wanted more air control. It sometimes felt like the game was making you solve a really floaty platforming challenge to get somewhere which was super annoying. It really feels like the game is wasting your time and that's the type of thing that makes me give up on a game real fast.

All in all I think it's super promising and I'm definitely gonna keep playing. I'll add more thoughts as they occur to me.

Awesome! Thanks a lot.

Awesome! Glad you liked it. This was made for a game jam so I only had a few days to make it which is why it is so short. I might add some more levels at some point. I'll let you know!

Thanks guy!