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My sheep made beautiful music. 5 stars.

So good! I really loved this, Pétur. Well done.

Amazing! Thanks for posting.

Haha, wow! Thank you very much! I'm very happy to hear it.

Thank you, Kevin! I really enjoyed Kevin(1997-2077). Congrats on the IGF nomination!

Amazing, well done!

Hmm, did you shake 10 hands?

Well done!

This is cool! I definitely think it could be something. The interactions with the doors and the cart were maybe the most interesting part. I think that kind of context switch while staying in first person is something you could build around but might be hard to make lots of bespoke interactables like those. The mantle is also pretty smooth and makes the parkour stuff a lot more managable than in most FPS games. Makes it feel more like problem solving. I like the information that the mantle indicator thing gives you but I might try to find a different visual for it.

It reminds me a little bit of this first-person physics prototype I made a while ago. I was trying to make quite granular controls and my idea was that with granular controls you could potentially make a lot of fun physics puzzles quickly. Things like packing luggage into the back of a car or stacking a bunch of stuff on top of each other. The trade-off for the granularity is that the controls would be a bit cumbersome and it would take a long time but that makes those simple puzzles a bit more meaty. What I ended up with was a lot harder to control than I intended and I gave up on making it better and just made this one level where you have to get a couch out of an apartment and down some stairs. (right and left mouse button are right hand/left hand when the prompts are on screen)

But the context switch with the door controls and the cart kind of reminded me of what I was originally trying to achieve. It feels like you have quite granular control so you could potentially make the player do some really fiddly task.

Well done!

Wow, I had never tried that. Thanks for letting me know!


Hi! Sure. You can send me an email to torfias at gmail dot com.

You're not stupid, you just gotta use your legs!

Wow! I think that's a new record!


There is a new mac build up that hopefully doesn't have this problem. Let me know if it works!

It's this:

Hey, I'm sorry to hear this. There are instructions in the description of the game that might fix this. I unfortunately don't have a mac to test things on.

I'm happy to refund you if you send me the email you bought it with.

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Hey buddy. I appreciate the effort but you should report this to the Unity development team, not me. I can't do anything about this.

Awesome, thank you for setting this up!

Thanks, nice video!

You gotta use your legs! Also you can let go of holds as long as you still have at least one hand on.


Very impressive. Well done!

Thank you! I could only get through a few levels but I like how the limbs feel quite active in your game.

👏👏👏 Well done!

Wow, very impressive!

Oh no! Sorry to hear that. I don't have a mac to test on so hard for me to fix, unfortunately. Do other unity web games work?

Great video! Thanks for posting.


Thank you!



Very nice! Better than the best route I could find.


Haha, that's pretty cool. Took me a while but I finished the first level!

I'll think about it!


Thanks! Nice pose!