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Video: Shelby's Route

Really well done! I'm impressed by what was accomplished in just four days! The art is very nice and polished, the use of colors looked very pretty, the music works well and timed nicely, and the characters dialogue was well written. I liked doing the voices for them and learning about them. I look forward to your future games!

(Is there any chance for a follow up story featuring them?)

Congrats on your placement in the Asylum Jam 2016! I enjoyed this story. Very good execution of music to build up the tension. I like the simplicity in the art and the use of colors. Found it effective and polished looking.

Looking forward to future games!

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I really love the execution of this game and how it simulates using a phone. While I felt awkward digging through her personal information, I realized it was just that immersive. Very well done. I actually hope there is more to this story, and I look forward to more games from this developer!

This is...(embarrassing to admit)...one of the scariest games I've played. I started crying, because I'm such a baby about horror and I hadn't really expected to get scared. xD Regardless, thanks for the experience. <3