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A member registered Apr 11, 2016

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Well, game is short and controls are fine. I completed some levels without touching the green blocks at all because I didn't know I could toggle them hahaha. I found out in the last level :(

"World map" level should update door sprites when you have completed each level though.

And it seems there's no.. Game Over after you complete everything, isn't it?

I love it when jam organizers also do an entry. Good work Asset Jesus, keep 'em coming.

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Thanks, now I'll try to finish it and then you'll get a free review supplement :D

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Found a pretty annoying bug: You can fall outside of map (at least in door 1) and there's no restart level key. So you have to reload page and lose all progress :(

Repro: I was climbing the right hand side ladder and got out of bounds GIF

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Well, that was way more fun than I was initially expecting. Good job!

Game is short and I'd like more of it! I'm curious on how far one could actually push this.

The first level with all 3 colors felt harder than the second one actually.