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I like the moving truck sound from phasmophobia its nice to listen to every once in while thank yo

thank you

could I use this for a commercial game?

thanks vimlark such a good game I like i

can I use this for a commercial gam

sweet thank you

Sorry could I use this for a commercial game?

is it cyber punk based or are all the is made from looking at images of the cyber punk games because I want to make commercial game with this.

hey james you should make it so that all the legendarys are in the game I am also making a pokemon game and the region is washington

will you add boss charecters I want to make an mmo game with tileset btw youre tileset is amazing I ancourage you to make more.

Ok thank you for being nicer then that person all though they were probably trying to be like dani

dude that is not okay everybody is special  so shut up

I need mor

dani whats youre email I want you to be the first person to play my game


add an impossible mode and make another enemy and add bullet limets

can I use someone else's assets

here is my name hypelight#4068

I could help

I think this could even because it is not at its full potential it could go on switch or the ps4 or the xbox but you should definetly put to the test

yeah of course

ok thanks

this could be a good phone game

can we use demeaning words to the charecter

hey dude this would be a good final boss for one wierd game but i like this game alot yeah bet if you make a game and have this guy in it you would make money