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If you created a game at this event and missed the submission window for this jam, you can link your game in this thread!


Thanks! I know my opinion is biased, but I want to play it in my own games, hahaha!

They are they best companions!

*opens letter carried by a raven and reads it*

"Hi, I'm Suziannabean and I'm sending a message by raven. Look how cute this bird is!"

That's the best compliment I could ever wish for <3

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much! The magic is fun, but the ravens are my favorite part, too!

Thank you! I liked that this jam was for a modern fantasy vibe because I could combine letter writing with text messaging with magic and handle a variety of distances and times.

Very exciting to see the video coming together! 

Wow, this is terrifying and a really great idea for a modern artifact! I'm imagining what the Amp-You-Let party invites would look like... Does your entire pyramid count as your network when calculating weekly SP? 

Yes! I have a draft for a bat/opossum combo!

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A few days later... A raven lands on a nearby table and drops a folded paper. The raven squawks at you. Opening the paper, you find the following message, barely legible, written inside:

Memo received! Thank you! The colors are some of my favorites. Btw, Howard loves peanuts.

Thank you! I went back and forth on the color palette, but I'm really happy with the bright colors and I'm glad others like them, too!

I make my digital card spreads by using a photo of a tabletop, either a stock photo or one I've taken, then layer the card images on top of that, at angles. I also add a drop shadow to the card images. I've used Photoshop and/or Canva for my layouts. 

Sometimes I also print the cards out, cut them, and take a photo of them on a flat surface. I use two copies of the card to do this so I can show the front and back at the same time.

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Time to dig out the old boom box! Love the layout and missing bit of instructions.

Thank you! I agree, so much adventure and mischief awaits in these tables!

Indeed! A little help from their furry and feathered friend!

Yeah, I'll encourage them to submit to this jam if they're up for it! It's an in-person event and I don't think I'll start a separate itch jam for it, but we will try to get as many digital copies as we can to create a master doc of creations.

I wanted to say thank you for putting this jam together! I've got Tiny Library and Tiny Tome, so I'm excited to see this series continue. I wasn't familiar with MOSAIC Strict before and now I want to keep making tons of these little modules! I'm running a game jam for a bunch of librarians at a conference in June and now I want to add MOSAIC Strict as an option for that jam because it would be amazing to have a bunch of librarian-made modules by the end of the conference. I'm really looking forward to seeing the submissions to this jam and playing something with them at the end.

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Thank you so much, Beth!! The idea for this came at 2am and was kind of a mix of my cats constantly bringing me milk rings (we save them as toys) and an actual raccoon who takes bird seed, nuts, and corn from a little squirrel picnic table we have on our deck. Adorable raccoon thief

This is so beautiful -- the art on the card and the idea itself. Also, the die you have in the photo is PERFECT for this game!

Thank you!

Thank you! I think my favorite part is the ravens, haha!

Since I posted that comment last year, we've used Tiniest Wizard several more times and I've also included it in library webinars I've presented on running games in libraries. There's always a lot of audience excitement when I talk about Tiniest Wizard because it's so library friendly in terms of being quick to learn and easy to play with limited resources.

I'm also very excited for this jam and the next Tiny Library deck. I'm very intrigued by MOSAIC Strict and I'm now thinking about running an in person game jam for it at an annual library conference in June.

Thank you so much!! I was excited to see you'd commented because I loooove Tiniest Wizard (I left a comment on it ages ago on my other account about how we use it at the library a lot).

I run an RPG club for kids and I know they're going to be so excited about this card! The slimes are so adorable. I need to go find some coffee slime now, haha!

I rolled 2d20 and got Botamancy and Fey Relations as my skills, so I'm excited explore there Fey realm for magical plants. I love the word "Botamancy"!

Bring on the Rude Clouds of May! Why does that sound adorable? I like that the longer I think about some of the weather conditions, the creepier or more sinister they start to feel.

Thank you! I'm so glad you like it!