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Great game, loved the eerie vibe & the body horror was spot on

I will never look at an apple the same again...or anyone for that matter

Great concept everyone, cannot wait to see what you all cook up next time. btw, you can just slip my payments to my P.O box for the idea to expand on this game 馃槒

Seriously though, keep making great stuff 馃憤

Really fun and simple game, reminds me of an Eldritch Tamagotchi

Looking forward to the sequel, "Hector's Kitchen" 馃槀

Pretty sure my brain melted a little bit with my week on this island. Nothing some meat won't fix 馃榾. . .

Screw demons and ghosts, THIS IS REAL HORROR!!

Can't wait to play the rest of the episodes

Wow, that ending really came outta nowhere from what I was expecting.

Had such a great time with this wee game and looking forward to playing more of your works.

This game just released so much endorphins into my brain....and then whiskers showed up 馃槕

I will never trust furniture ever again...or the news, I think?

I honestly dunno what was happening here 馃槄

Really love the somewhat dark humour of this game paired with the really chilled room designing was really fun.

Really loved this game and only wish there was MORE!!! Great job and I cannot wait to see what comes next

Yeeeeeah, never eating fish again so THANKS!!

Really good game though, looking forward to what other stuff you'll make me hate eating in the future 馃憤

Loved how you managed to portray a truly horrifying idea that I just found so funny, looking forward to your next nightmare game

Really loved the concept of the game, Though feel like I'd be more likely to drown in all my stuff now 馃槀

Fantastic job, loved the art style and the creepy vibe!

Looking forward to your future works 馃憤

First, I don't like Brad. I wish for Brad to be place in the Cremation Station.

Second, and more importantly, fantastic job everyone!!

I'm a pretty emotionally detached individual & was really just looking at the facts of the game, or profession rather. That said, with your writing and game design you draw us in and make us feel more. You provoke people to question and think about something that is often considered to be a terrible thing. With your levity and facts, it brings us in closer to the fold, really looking at what death is like (for those in and out of the industry) rather than to shy away from it.

I've come away from this experience with more knowledge, a deeper understanding of others & a team of content creators that have put so much love and passion into Charlie and the lives around her.

I wish you all every success in the future and cannot wait to see what you make in the future.

I absolutely love the idea of this game and the style is amazing.

Can't wait for the full release!!

Interesting little game, really love the idea behind it. So much could be done with it

Keep up the great work!!

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Really loved the original idea of this game and the retro style suits it

Keep up the amazing work!!

Ahhh good ol' Uncle P, his mind is going a little bit but it's fine. Time for a relaxing Summer where nothing weird will happen...ever...

Good stuff, looking forward to your next endeavour 馃憤

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More gold!!! Looking forward to a new episode every holiday!!!

Nip is also surprisingly well informed...mayhaps he should take a visit too...That Place.

Great for a first game, looking forward to your future works 馃憤

I ADORE THIS GAME!!! Having got the XP collection just so I could play Prelude, I am so happy to see you take the game to another level.

Finished the game and I already cannot wait to see what all of you talented folk do next. Thank you for the Masterpiece

What a pleasant wee experience, even if I was a bit slow on the uptake with more of it lol

I absolutely adore this game!!! Amazing job everyone!!!

Take your time, I loved the style and that it was kinda janked. Made it different from the other carbon copies out there


When you wanna die but demons just wants to punch you in a corner for several minutes instead

Looking forward to how this ends up

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A lot of attention has been paid to the sound design...can't tell if that's good or bad

Time travel + The Backrooms = interesting & brutal puzzle game

Keep up the good work

So many toilets, yet so little shite...least it doesn't smell like carpet I guess

He made me clean the poop...I didn't want to clean the poop TT.TT

Never looked for meaning in carpets more in my life...thank you for that moment with wawa

Loved the entrance to the backrooms so much

Keep making stuff and I'll look forward to seeing more from you

The Backroom's fart monster confirmed!!

Good proof of concept, looking forward to how the full release will be

Keep it up 馃憤

I've dived too deep into the Backrooms now, no amount of almond water will save me

I feel cheated out of my candy...worst (Halloween?) ever

Really love the original take on the Backrooms idea, very well done

Can't wait for more from you