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Really interesting concept, super chill gameplay & good art style. Looking forward to playing Wide Ocean Big Jacket next 馃憤

Fun little trivia game to show just how much you know about anime, and how little you know about real life stuff

I am definitely getting a 1 Star for this particular job, just gonna stick my screwdriver into the socket and end it all

Good Job btw 馃憤

Love the diverse cast of weird houses you can attend and the replayability of gaining insight over mutilple playthroughs. The stress & depression meter was so too real 馃ぃ

Keep up the good work

Fun little daft game, had a good time so keep it up

Super fun &  short lil assassin game, keep up the good work 馃憤

I absolutely love the progression of this game. The art style is fantastic & just as unnerving & thought provoking. Can't wait for Milk 3 being a rhythm shooter 馃憤

Cute game & good writing, keep it up 馃憤

Fantastic game! Truly made me feel uneasy & curious to find out more. Well done

Had a great time playing this & it was very funny. Great Job 馃憤

Short & entertaining, good job 馃憤

Had a super fun time detaining people for the worst crimes imaginable...illegal possession of eggplants

Keep up the good working & looking forward to totally not being horrified by the final cut of this 馃憤

The idea could be built to be more comedy based and a bit faster in the way of exploration & combat. Great art & would love to see this become a 4 put of 4 in the future. Keep up the good work 馃憤

10/10 would door again 馃憤

Fun game, sadly will never collect all those skins...or get my broccoli dinner 馃ゲ

I had such a fun time playing this, great job 馃憤

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And this is exactly why you should stay away from dating apps. One minute you're looking for smooches, next you're in their meat chamber...wait

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Really cool & unique gameplay, Major heebie geebie's. A real sense you were passionate about this game even if you couldn't spend as much time on it as you wished. Great Job.

I now realise why I was fired from Amazon

My existential dread at being locked up in an IKEA controlled reality is horrifying...10/10

Great writing & lovable characters, looking forward to playing Melissa next 馃憤

I loved playing this so much. The art is fantastic & the gameplay is simply and hilarious. You did an amazing job 馃榿

Really fun game & loved the humour of it. The customizations were great too 馃憤

This was definitely a fun game to play, everything about it felt just right...and wrong. Such fun little characters and dialogue luring me into a false sense of security only for dread to overcome me at the slightest things. Great job on a unique experience to the mall 馃憤

Good game, though I would like my deposit back cos I don't wanna live with a weird meat monkey anymore...there is poop everywhere

I love the concept of this game & this just being a demo of what is to come is amazing. The art style is so good and the mystery of what is going on just makes me want to explore even more. I thoroughly look forward too seeing just how far you can take each route/princess and live to tell the tale.

Love the simple yet effective puzzle solving to make sure your child doesn't get abducted, great training for the future 馃憤

Great concept and really fun. Looking forward to the full release & seeing what all the routes end up being

Needs more hot water but great game anyway 馃憤

Absolutely love this concept, date or kill. Simple. Great writing & art (especially when collecting the requests) just had a super fun time playing this. Can't wait for "Today, I'm Harvesting You! 2 - Gimme your Heart...& your spleen, maybe a kidney too"

Great addition to the series. Still think the first 2 were better but glad to see this is still holding strong and cannot wait to develop anxieties I never knew I had 馃憤

This caused me physical pain...great job 馃憤

I love the aesthetic of this game and it really does give off some creepy vibes at times. Looking forward to finishing this off in my own time.

Great job and looking forward to more 馃憤

Fun little game, love the writing for each character being so different (and enigmatic) to figure out. Played it for a while after and had a good time, even with the lack of oxygen 馃憤

I loved this game and hope to see more just like it. The cute art of the protagonist being in such stark contrast to everything else was amazing. The combat was simple to grasp & the design of it was so good. The story pulled me in with such simple portrayal of literally cutting your memories down & the mixed media really brought it home, creepy vibes n all.

Fantastic job! I cannot wait to see what is to come in the future.

p.s. I want that tiny marshmallow, they are freakin adorable!


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Nice n short, made me question reality and there was a divine duck...what more do you want from a game?

Looking forward to more creepy games from you 馃憤

Clearly you lot know just how terrible it is to work sales that it is included in hell, Bravo. Also, really loved the humour and style of this game and looking forward to playing more of your content 馃憤

The art is really good, the dreary grey colour of everything and the implied Deep Sea like aesthetic really interests me. The combat is a bit too easy with auto heal & swinging like no tomorrow but would love to see this grow into something, maybe with an eldritch touch to it.