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Hi there, we saw your message on twitter and will get back to you ASAP.

It's a kinetic novel.

Thank you very much for the kind words, I'm really glad you enjoyed the game. Nutaku does have a support ticket system actually, is it not working for this game? If so I'll shoot them over an email.

Hi there, 

Thanks for the feedback. I'll address everything I can here;

1) Sure, this was a slight oversight spacing-wise since we increased the font size prior to shipping the game, which in turn increased the margins. We'll fix this in our next patch - Nutaku's current build is actually behind a version as well, so please keep that in mind.

2) Do you mean that certain names overlap with the heart? If so this is the same as the above issue with increasing the font size, so it's something we'll fix in the next patch, it's again just a quick fix.

3) Sorry if it was hard to read, we considered adding a background but thought it ended up looking worse than without one. Overall, apologies if the UI was hard to read at points.

4) Hmm, we can understand if that's the case. None of our playtesters expressed this, but since is left to personal opinion we can understand that. We'll see about adding more options in the next patch in order to maybe makes things clearer, maybe an option to replace the textbox with a more basic one.

5) This was supposed to be done to reflect differences in angles/lighting (similar to how certain people's eyes can be seen as different colors depending on distance) but given the sheer differentiation of the iris shades we can see how this could be confusing, so sorry about that.

Overall, we hope you enjoyed the game regardless! Apologies for these small issues, we'll address them in a new patch within the next few days since none of these are big issues.

We're working on getting a Linux build up, sorry for the delay on this. We will more than likely have one for the final release in the future.

The game can indeed be bought over at:

Some people prefer to buy the game and add it to their Steam library, and we also want to distribute it on most storefronts we have access to so buyers have the ability to choose.

Indeed, we're the publisher and Epic Works is the main developer, so they are distributing it themselves on itchio while we are distributing it elsewhere.

Yep, it's already out and can be bought here.

Hi there! The full game is planned to be on Steam, once we have a trailer we'll update the page with a link to the Greenlight. We hope you'll follow us until then.

Thank you very much for the compliments! It's much appreciated, we hope you'll stick around for the final version.