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The game ends without seeing the ending if you spam click the final scene. It will be obvious what the final scene is. Fair warning. I'm sure it wouldn't be too complicated to fix.
The game itself is poetry in HTML, it's  as deep or as shallow as you want it to be. The game is a metaphor, for what? Play to find out and come up with your own intepretation.

It's everything that pinball is hated for in one game but absolutely everything else is well executed and has a lot of potential. I suggest playing this with a friend, this is a good game for if you have company over your house. 

There's two ways to win: 1) get the high score, and 2) whoever doesn't rage quit.

You're an Italian penguin and you tell the chef what people's orders are by cawking in the same penguin accent as the customer. You will be fluent in penguin Italian by the time you beat the game.

Penguins are cool, global warming isn't is the only thing I've learned playing this. Don't drink and drive.

Stephen King as a goose game. Basically. But there are happy endings that are heart warming.

If you skip the tutorial you can figure it out on your own, but if you can't you'll question your worth as an adult.

I didn't know that games that work with my style of hosting tabletops existed. This is perfect for how I play. Will give a rating after I play a session with my friends.

I love the concept, all you need is two buttons. This game would have considerably more potential if both buttons were mapped to keys. If they are it isn't obvious what keys they are. It doesn't take any skill to map keys to other controllers, this could be played with a controller by anyone who maps keys. I'd love to play this with other peripherals I have.

Extremely cute game but I understand if it doesn't get expanded on. Found your games from this game, wanted to let you know the game that lead me to your content.