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sounds good! Thanks so much for the response. 

Sorry to be a bother, but do you have any update on the physical copies being sent out? I’m happy to wait as long as it takes, I just remembered today that I’d pre-ordered and was curious. :)

This game is so fun! I was really surprised at how quickly the Healer started to develop relationships with some of the party members, purely based on the tarot cards. Like the other commenter, I home-brewed it a bit to use dice to randomize the choices a bit, but I added using a d8 to decide the type of dungeon, and a d20 to decide if the party continued or left the dungeon (although the d20 could easily be replaced by any other die, or even just a coin flip).

I had no idea "journaling" rpgs were even a thing before I tried this game, and I'm SO glad I found it! I'm totally obsessed now. Especially since my collection of blank journals now has a use!

My first thought when I opened this game was that it reminded me of Missed Messages, and it gave me just as many tears as Missed Messages did, too. 

This game is really powerful. I really hope you keep creating beautiful games like these two. Such artistry and passion deserves to be shared.