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You are welcome! Really enjoyed it.

Fun game! Talked a bit about it here!

Hope you keep doing good games!

Really fun game! Talked a bit about it here

Really enjoyed it!

Hi! Good game, talked about it here

Hope you keep doing good games!

Hi! Talked to your game here

I'm sorry i can't give it more score than that, but this game actually made me realize that the score alone is not enough to rate a game. I can't stop recommending this game to everyone. A great message that should be heard by everyone

Played your game here

I still don't know how to feel about it, but the experience was awesome

Hi! Played your game here!

The game is really good, there are some few details that are still bugging me like I can't tell what elements of the environment makes my life go down, but is a pretty solid and fun game.

Hi, played and talked about this game here

The game is actually very good, and the graphics are awesome! I still play ocasionally

Hello! I played and talked about your game here

I know is just a prototype for show your skills, but actually I was enjoying playing it. Hope you'll keep doing good games!

Hi! Wrote and played the game here

The game is quite good, I'm still playing at it ocassionally! Keep doing good games

Hi, I talked a little bit about your game here

The game was quite good, hope you'll do bigger games!