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Seems to be fun. I like those games. Good job! :-)

Nice! I found it a little easy to beat, but it had nice visuals. Good job!

It was fun to play. Interesting concept. Good job :-)

Finished! I love the mechanics here. That teleport was so original and fun. Good job!

I like how the identity theme is handled here. Good Job. It was fun :-)

Nice job. Seems and interesting concept. Keep on working!

Mayo Master made my life complete. It brought me back memories of me and my brother fighting with Ketchup on the kitchen.

Good job!!

Nice one! At first sight I thought that the ponies were the enemies xD

It was fun and nice done. Good job!

Simple but effective. I had a good time playing this one. Maybe some bonus to reach will make it more re-playable, but It's very nice for a jam. Good job :-)

I'm not sure what I had to do to beat the game, but it seems nice. I like the animations when they stretch the necks. I had a good time. Well done :-

I love the idea. It is such a very original game, and with character creator! Good effort here. Nice job!

I had a good time playing your game. It had a nice feeling. Wish it could be longer, but it seems to be the begining of something really cool. Good job!

Nice one! I love the artwork and animations. It was fun to play too. Good Job!

It's an interesting concept. I like the atmosphere on this. Good job! :-)

Awesome job! I love the graphics. I spend a lot of time trying to finish the stage 1. It got me hooked.

It was so fun. Good job!

I always wanted to beat a giant fried egg. Good job!

Nice! It seems like a prototype of something cool. Game mechanics seems to be very interesting.

Nice job!

"Lick skull", ok, I admit it. I licked every item on the game, haha.

Nice game! It brought me back to my old Commodore 64. Unfortunately I always get lost so easily on these games, and couldn't get to reach the end. I'll try again later :-)

Nice map. That ending makes me want to know moree.

Good job!


Interesting concept. I like how you get involved on the story. It seems the beginning of something bigger!

Good job!

I love the art on this game, and such an interesting concept too. Identity theme is handled very well.
I would suggest a different main screenshot on the cover, so this way anyone can see this awesome artwork.

Gooj job! Keep on working!

Finished! I love the artwork. Good job!

Awesome art! Is it made with Belnder Game Engine? That looks good.


I didn't get the gameplay at first, but then It became a beautiful experience. Really great atmosphere. Good job!


Fun and beautiful. Nice work!

I had so much fun. Please, next player, take care of my baby.

Oh, and sorry for that awful song I recorded, ahaha.

Love the idea!

All hail the super Jamicom

Thanks Steven!

Created a new topic Rainbow Jam Logo

Is there any official logo of the jam to include in my game?


I'm making a one room arcade. Old style gameplay :-D