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What's with the magic system, in the current rules it seems you can only attack with it. Is that intentional?

Thanks for posting MadZab. Here's some answers to your questions.

1.  The main reasons for moving is to get into cover, melee, or out of the way of another weapon. Positioning is relevant is that you want your soldiers away from the enemies when firing from things such as the machine gun because of collateral. I hope that answers your first two questions

2.  The recommended technique for flicking paper bits is flat on the table.

3. Currently it is impossible to kill an enemy in close combat but, I'm planning on changing.

Anyways thanks for your feedback. I'm planning on making a little update to the game based on the points you raise here.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the game :)

Hello I just wanted you to know that I recently published a game heavily inspired by this one, you can find it here

Great zine! I used to play the old MechWarrior rpg all the time.