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haha sorry - I do got catalogs of maps! it’s the getting dev time for the games in my head, got em on paper too though they aint going anywhere ;) - already spending plenty of time with the kits and despite all the distractions and other projects I’ve got a fun little personal project getting closer and closer to making an appearance, and just about all environment is built with aesthetic series or mod/crafted in the image of of it. It’s been a ton of fun really - like exploring the world of a game I want to play making one of the easiest to work with an consistent to inspire. and keeping me seriously looking forwards to Oog’s Oddessy!

your packs are the shit dude. I’ve got catalogs of maps for games in my head that I may never find time for but they just look coool af and I instantly want to build with them whenever a new one drops. Best series on heree by my tastes

got ya, no worries - if you’re interested I can send ya the complete sheet after I put em together

aw is this no longer live? it’s failing to authenticate user - looks really great though right in line with the concept of my personal project was excited to check it out

I especially love Franuka environment packs and characters because they play so well with other packs and look fantastic - its like the perfect level of personal touch while adhering an art style that doesn’t clash with others in certain spectrum

such a cool creative kit, especially love the cave descents and ascents but its all fantastic - lava and all ground design variants are looking really good, always love some good bone/fossil deco. Excited to see your future plan sets!

quickly becoming one of my favorites and definitely holds a spot in my s tier arsenal, glad you decided to continue expanding this series and super excited to see some future biomes as you did such a phenomenal job with this debut one

Loving the spear anims

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Awesome pack the village and interior are both aesthetically charming - been hopping between options for exteriors and interiors with a new project and soon as I saw this I had my answer - do you by chance have a master tilesheet that condenses all the sprites in one? No worries if not but if you do and its no extra trouble that would be a great addition!

goodness gracious you are talented man, this set is awesome everytime I come around and see it I’m inspired to mess around with a new project - your little ranger seriess is fantastic too probably my favorite character assets on the market and despite being shooter oriented the melee weapons are the corner stones for a few fantasy rpgs projects I’ve done. Hope to see more art of yours in the future, cheers!

it may seem counter intuitive but asking is rude, they already went out of their way to make it abundantly clear you can further inquiry is an intentional waste of their time.

i love your vortex anims they are so pretty, the ones on your storm spells

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Your asset tester doesn’t seem to want to run on modern browsers :/ I can send you the runtime error if you’re interested - all your art looks awesome id have loved to mess around with them!

edit: Holy crap though, watching the video on the tester page - the spell anims with charge levels and everything for this toon are hands down best pixel art spell anims I’ve seen in all my years your stuff is next level dude. I could stare at that vortex all day

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your goblins are way to gangster/hardcore to be goblins lol, they like quadruple rare stage evolution level 100 hobgoblins. awesome art tho I def need em in my collection.

zelda x gta.. jk i love it though super clean adding to my arsenal

my favorite icon pack for pixel art projects

okay got ya, thanks!

hey mate, loving the new additions - is there an alternate to the iconic interiors that’s available these days by chance?

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My man you have a gift with the 16x animations, and im stealing your mechanic for chopping down fireballs with the sword

came here to say the same, best 16x16 char anims I’ve ever seen in all honesty got the pack to replace the char ive spent weeks on with this guy lol.. what can i say function is just above what I could pull off

love it!

not at all its been a great experience and the pack is superb, if this is your debut i’m very excited to see your work grow and what your future packs will have in store!

hows many peppers did peter piper pick if a wood chuck could chuck wood

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It’s all been worth the wait, really liking the basic attack animations - been trying to decide on something for a 32x32 setting and they speaking to me, clean and crisp but defined, feels complete not trimmed or clipped for the sake of scale/frames and cohesive across all angles.. let’s see if i can scale it up and retain the magic

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sounds like you need the biggest game assets bundle in the world, don’t sleep on Game Assets Mega Bundle its the whole kit for life.. lol i’m so forgetful I bought it twice and the fantasy fan fair too XD

amen, I rarely splurge for music there’s so much free great stuff out there and I can make my own but I heard a few tracks I liked quite a bit and that sale would be silly to pass on - now I’m working through all your guys packs and wow yall did fantastic work, A1 with the entire discography very pleased with this acquisition.

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this looks really great, ill have to queue it up

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This kit is off to a great start, it’s got a unique aesthetic that’s engaging and fun - if you fleshed it out into a comprehensive series I think it would rise up among the ranks with the best of em.

After initial impressions (weighing this and RPG STARTER together)

  • it could use an additional rock or two for forest ground objects
  • diagonal cliffs (optional but add a lot of additional use potential for a relatively small amount of content expansion)
  • negative space tiles (like drop into void)
  • waterfall
  • I’d personally like to see a tree based off the ground detail mushrooms
  • Cave entrance even if you aren’t planning on doing caves yet would be very useful
  • for climbing a ladder, rope or vine as well as hole in ground
  • double height cliff

I think those are the essentials - only offering as it was mentioned above I’m also very happy with the set in it’s current state

Some QoL additions that come to mind would be - Props, like barrels or crates - maybe a town/mission board and sign posts with directional shaped plaques - another tree variant or two - another house variant or two - interiors - fencing & palisade - grass - tent & campfire + props for player or bandit sites and that’s about what comes to mind.

Alot of great stuff already in there though I like the clouds alot theyre a nice touch, the palette is great too. Only thing I felt iffy about was the character scaling being too large in contrast to the world.

Oh! also my favorite part of every pack - the little rune stone circle - would love to see more of that occult runic / ruin stuff expanded on

Thanks for sharing it though hope we see more from this series!

Ah got ya, I was under the impression collections just update for new stuff dynamically. NAh that’s fine I appreciate it though, I’ve gotten way more value out of the bundle than I paid for anyways haha I’ll feel better purchasing it - need you compensated properly so we can continue to enjoy new releases ;)

I’m having trouble getting it to show up in my bundle page is there something I need to do in order for that to happen?

Doesn’t seem to be downloadable from the Graphic Collection? Am I overlooking something?

Really enjoying this set, cool unique fantasy aesthetic but keeping it clean and easy to work with as well as tons of potential for all the different ways you can put things to use - could be a special level or could build the foundation for an entire world to work off of

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Lol do me a favor and articulate that whole line of logic

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relatable but the nature of how it works, your options are take the hit or wait indefinitely for a best deal. Just be grateful it’s affordable pixel art - see this all the time with high fidelity assets in every other game asset market and getting shafted hundreds and thousands of dollars. But hey can you really put a price on quality game assets with a commercial license you aren’t capable of producing on your own?

The accessibility of professional rate art assets for game production can’t be taken for granted we are blessed to have access to them at all much less without another couple figures attached to the price.

they arent 32x32 design but they occupy 32x32 space for animations

That’s really cool of you thanks man! just shot you an email

a little late to the party but this is awesome!

really love it, appreciate the duality to it (as in can work for fantasy as well as shooter) this pack is perfect for adding a touch of dark magic vibe and constructing encampments in my fantasy world.

The era of Aesthetic packs has been a treat, seeing a new pack just about every time I swing by and this collection is without a doubt my favorite on the market at the moment I’ve been having sooo much fun building with the other 4 packs up until now

awesome updates, keep the series coming! Get us up to like 8 (or 100 ill never not buy em) and I can just be serene and fullfilled with all the tilesets i’ll need for years to come ;P

Serious note though, no ideea how well these are doing right now fresh out the gate but a big series (even just like twice the current so 6 packs + mobs - but hopefully much more) and this will find itself in the itch top down pantheon before too long, up there in the “itch household names” haha they realy are incredible.