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Hello pap4qlxxlevb. In case you’re not already a member, you might be interested in joining the Thinky Puzzle Game discord server - it’s a great place to discuss playing and making games like these (here’s an invite link )

Very pleasant. Nice theme/story, and simple but fun mechanics. 

:) Glad you enjoyed <3 

Thanks for sharing this, and for playing :)

Thanks, glad you enjoyed :)

It’s in the works, I promise ;)

That was fun :)

Cheers, thanks for playing :)

Very fun!


Nice work, thanks for playing :)


Thanks for the heads up. Puzzlescript in general seems to run differently in Firefox for some reason (it runs slower for me).

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There are a couple unused levels which use it at the bottom - it’s (in rot13) Onfvpnyyl n cvg gung vf svyyrq va ol chfuvat n oybpx vagb vg. I didn’t spend enough effort to figure out if you can make any interesting levels using it, but it seemed tricky to design for and perhaps unnecessary. 

Thanks a lot :)

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Thanks for playing! It sounds like you got exactly the experience I was aiming for :)

I'm not sure on the best way to give hints about the rules, but just for solving level 14 I would say (in rot13) pbafvqre gur yrsg fvqr bs yriry 13. 

Thanks for playing! The level select is no thanks to me, I'm using Pancelor's level select fork for Puzzlescript  (

That was fun! I enjoyed seeing the diverse range of mechanics you were able to come up with.

Thank you! I rushed out the last level to meet the deadline, so if it’s a bit rough that would be why. I love trying to construct those moments.

Thanks for playing and thanks for the great engine!

Thanks a lot!

Thanks :)

Thanks for playing!

Very nice game, I had a lot of fun. The music is fantastic, and the theme/story is clever and funny. I found it really difficult (I don't play this sort of game often) so I'm glad dying only resets your score.

I had a bit of friction figuring out the controls and setting the resolution etc, and the volume was really loud when I first turned it on. Other than that I had a great time, thanks for making this!

Thank you!

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Thanks! Music is definitely not in my wheelhouse yet (and isn’t really supported by the engine I used), I’d love to learn at some point though as I agree music really makes games much more enjoyable. And yeah, the puzzles and puzzles mechanics are what I focused most on.

Thank you so much! I definitely plan to make more :)

Thank you!

Thanks a lot!

Finally got around to playing this - it was really fun!

Nice game, really nice music and visuals, and the mechanic is satisfying. I got a score of 176 :)

Thanks a lot! I have some ideas for ways to extend it, but as you might imagine I find the concept quite tricky to work with ;)

Thanks for playing :)

Thank you!

Thank you! That's definitely an apt description. I think there's something cathartic about subverting the constraints we're so used to.

Thanks for playing :)

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Very nice game, I really liked it. Very logical solutions.

Very nice game! A chill vibe and challenging puzzles which make use of interesting mechanics. Made it up to level 13 so far :)