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It’s not all about number of ratings, most of the top games got less than 50.

Very fun and satisfying!

Thanks a lot! Yeah I agree there are lots of ways this idea could be extended.

Very fun game!

That was really fun! All the platforming mechanics feel really good, and the level design is nice. Wall jump is by far the hardest, but still fun. The dice mechanic is clearly a bit superfluous, but the reuse of space is enjoyable. I had one bug where I couldn't move and had to reopen the game. Some good subtle polish - the only thing I might suggest is more variation on the jump sound since you hear it so often. 

Thanks a lot!

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I thought 5 was a bit harder than 4, and thought it might be fun to discover it in 4 without being forced - a bit of a gamble for sure :)

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Fun game! Very elegant too, I love how the levels are just the sides of a die, and how your health is represented by your number of pips. Good polish as well. Maybe the thing that could most be improved would be the control of moving the die, but it still works pretty well, especially considering the lives are forgiving.

Cool idea, nice to see a platformer submitted to the jam. I like the ability switching mechanic. 

It's quite hard, but in a good way I think. Figuring out the right order to use abilities in and then executing it is quite a head scratcher.

I got stuck for a while because I forgot you could go in either order, but after I got over that it was quite fun.

Interesting idea, I can see how this might be satisfying to play. For me the controls were very unintuitive, and sometimes the transitions a bit slow and cumbersome, so I didn't get too far in before becoming frustrated. 

I really like the aesthetic of this game. The level transitions I find amusing, and the music is nice. I'm not sure the gameplay really works, but there are some cool ideas. 

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Nice stuff, got up to level 14. I like the take on dice + Sokoban. I like the little dice facts. 

Coming from a puzzlescript background the input took me a bit to get used to because there's no hold to move, and I didn't even check for undo other than 'z' (whoops). 

Great pun name.

Fun! Didn't get it immediately but when I did it was nice :)

You're right, I originally designed 5 to introduce the mechanic, then made 4 which I like better as an introduction and didn't bother remove the starting forced part of 5. Thanks!

Thanks, that’s great to hear! :)

Thanks :)

Thanks a lot!

That is what I was going for - my intention was for only the correct punctuation to be solvable, which I think is the case but I might be missing something.

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Cool stuff! I don’t really get the end part, things seem to get stuck in hats in ways that aren’t intuitive to me. Like a sequence of  three hats next to each other: up hat, below it right hat, right of that down hat gets stuck in the second one.

Cool! Did it with one bare hare to spare :)

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Oh interesting, I thought it was forced - I’ll look at it again.

Hmm, still can’t find it. I guess magic really isn’t meant to be understood.


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That was very fun! Really good stuff. I particularly like the fan levels, and the fan animations are great.

Thanks! Parking is the real nightmare XD

Thanks for giving it a go! I don’t think it’s the easiest mechanic to get used to, I know it took me a while to get used to it.

Thanks! :)

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Fun and very satisfying! Cute theme as well.

I got 1734. Cool idea :) Not sure why you might want to mix horizontally though. Maybe to split up timer refilling over more turns?

A crate which must be pushed once and exactly once.

Very fun game! The theme is funny too :)

Nice one :)

Nice :)

Thanks for the game, I had a good time. I also cheesed it and enjoyed cheesing it.

Neat game! Looks and feels nice. I question whether you'll be able to make really interesting puzzles with it, but will be happy to be proved wrong :) 

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Alright fair enough :D. To me Baba is you is more like a game engine than a game though lol.

Neat idea, simple but effective and some fun moments. Nice presentation. More generous checkpoints might have been nice as I had to start from the beginning multiple times (not a big deal though).

Thanks for the feedback! Can you point me to the game which explores the same concept? I agree that the interactions could be more interesting.

Hey, cool game :) The presentation is nice and the general idea is cool.

As advice I would say really decide what you want your game to be about - is it about solving puzzles you design, where there is a unique and interesting idea the player has to figure out in order to pass each stage? Or is it more about strategy, freedom and improvisation, where there are multiple ways of tackling each level? At the moment your abilities seem designed to give different ways to accomplish the same thing, so you could lean into this.

I went through the whole game never using the water ability, and only using the fire one about twice, so this is something you could work on to make sure there are good reasons to use every ability.

I also experienced a crash when colliding with an enemy, after the chase sequence.

Thanks for the game :)