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Fun stuff! 5 and 6 are really nice. Number 3 feels a bit inelegant since you can solve with a red or a yellow on the goal, but not a big deal. Thanks for sharing!

There’s a hack link in the mobile friendly link in the description.

Glad you’re enjoying and thanks for the running commentary!

might be possible but quite hard yeah. Sounds like you already have the puzzles designed on paper? Maybe that’s an ok final format

oh awesome, glad you’re enjoying the game!

Here’s the basics of Puzzlescript, then if you need some help the Thinky Puzzle Games discord is a good place to ask

Whoops, you’re not supposed to be here yet XD

(I followed for the lure of secret future projects ;) )

Thanks! The steam launch is going pretty well, people seem to like the game. Exciting to be on Steam after making so many smaller itch games.

I remember looking at your Hagfish game, will have to check it out at some point.

My puzzle game Headlong Hunt is out now!

It's a puzzle game about guiding a skittish animal. Capture it by using simple interactions in surprisingly deep and satisfying ways - be two steps ahead as you choose to hide from sight or send the creature bolting. Think forwards and backwards to set up the perfect path to victory.

This is my first commercial project, and I've worked on it full time for around a year. 

Here is a release trailer:

There's also a free demo you could check out. And the game is on sale for 15% off for the first week, so now's a great time to pick it up!


Weird, it's slow for me now too. Didn't used to be like that hmm.

Really cool game! I wouldn’t call it short at all.

Cool game! I got up to the anchor.

Awesome, thanks a lot!

Glad you like it!

Thanks for playing!

For the demo I decided to take a pretty minimal approach. I didn’t want to show too much, in case people feel satisfied enough not to try the full game. As such the demo probably isn’t that interesting for people who already played the PuzzleScript version unfortunately.


Thanks <3


Hey, thanks for the offer. Ordinarily this might be fine, except I'm currently working on a new commercial version of the game, so I think I should refuse. Glad you enjoyed the game though, and are making your own games.

Nice! Thanks :)

Nice work :)

A big room with just a target in the centre.

Thanks! :)

rot13: (Sbe gur zbfg yvxryl cynpr lbh tbg fghpx: gurer’f fbzrguvat lbh pna qb jvgu gur erq sehvg gb trg gb gur arkg cvyyne.)

Thanks, glad you enjoyed. Just tested on Chrome and it seems to work for me, interesting.

Hi, completely unrelated to this game, but I see you around all the time on puzzle stuff on itch. Do you have any urge to do any puzzle design? I’m currently in the middle of organising a Thinky Collective Puzzlescript game, and if you’re interested I could add you to the list. Just thought I’d ask.

Thanks a lot! Yeah someone mentioned adding a trajectory and yeah that’s a great idea, I might add it after the jam.

Thanks, yeah silly of me to forget that :)

Glad you're enjoying :)

Thanks! :)

Really fun :)

Oh no! There’s definitely a trick to the end part

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Really fun! Very well designed puzzles, and I like the shine effect.


It’s not all about number of ratings, most of the top games got less than 50.

Very fun and satisfying!

Thanks a lot! Yeah I agree there are lots of ways this idea could be extended.

Very fun game!

That was really fun! All the platforming mechanics feel really good, and the level design is nice. Wall jump is by far the hardest, but still fun. The dice mechanic is clearly a bit superfluous, but the reuse of space is enjoyable. I had one bug where I couldn't move and had to reopen the game. Some good subtle polish - the only thing I might suggest is more variation on the jump sound since you hear it so often. 

Thanks a lot!

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I thought 5 was a bit harder than 4, and thought it might be fun to discover it in 4 without being forced - a bit of a gamble for sure :)