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I think I bumped into a bug? After I placed the first candle to open the door to the catacombs, when I got downstairs I had no candles left and the door back up was locked, so I couldn't do anything..

Awesome little game :) I wrote a spoiler-free review for anyone who wants to know more before playing it, but the bottom line is, you should play it!

I'm glad you liked it :) I look forward to your next game, even if it means I need to wait a bit :)

This was an awesome game! I hope you do make a sequel, though I would be happy to play any other psychological horror pixel game you might make.

For anyone trying to make up their mind whether they should play the game, I wrote a spoiler-free review on my blog here. I also made a video commentary, but that's spoiler-with, so be sure to watch it only after you played! It's here.

Neat little game! I made a short video commentary on it, but be warned: it contains spoilers. If you'd rather read a spoiler-free review first, you can do so here.

Glitched. You enter Lab X, everything goes dark with statics and nothing happens. Pressing F seems to turn off the statics, but then they gradually resume.

Looks great, though when the ghost caught me upon its second appearance (the room after the piano room), the character froze on the spot and I could not move anymore. I could focus\unfocus by pressing F, but for the rest the game was completely stuck there.

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I really love Portrait Prophecies and I think this game has a great concept, but I think specific parts have extremely poor design (either that, or I am doing something wrong without realising it.)

The most glaring example of this is the room with three doors and the tiny table in the left-hand corner with the big white thing on top. I tried and tried again, you can't hide under the tiny table; so, if you hear footsteps in this room (and I did, several times) you're totally screwed, because in this situation, doing anything but hiding results in game over. This is an unfair, no-escape situation which the player can do nothing about.

Additionally, it seems the difficulty increases exponentially immediately after finding her the first time. Steps and knocking seem to happen a lot more often, and often there's nearly zero time to react, which results in the game restarting over and over again before you can even understand what you did wrong. Thrill leaves room to frustration very soon. Not once did I manage to find her more than once before being caught.

Another thing (which comes across as a bug, though it might just be part of the atmosphere) is that at times you're suddenly teleported to a different room, no explanation given.

I would really like to play it through till the end, but it's simply too frustrating to spend time on.