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whao this is impressive that you guys managed to assemble an AI bot in 48h, I want to see Façade 2 next :) 

Really original concept with a speed run feature and everything :) Highlight the past where you have to confirm the shape, that wasn't very clear to me when I started, and I can see some folks not knowing what to do.

This is perfect execution on the concept, you get 5 starts for that, the mechanics were intuitive, and the game stroke that perfect balance of challenge without being too difficult.

Great story telling, I got vibes from 1984 and the wicker man, what were you inspirations ? I left a good rating  :)

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I loved the atmosphere in the game , and the art style was really cute, what was the plan for the journal or the campsite ?

Super fun an addicting, you should make an endless mode whenever you have the chance. Good Rate overall