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Oooh, I was just wondering if any of these stories would ever be available again in any form

ED: My old phone is around somewhere and that should still have the app installed, I only completed a few routes of some of the stories but if its still on there and if I could figure out how to copy it off  the phone would there be anything there that might be of use?

This isnt a Unity game, not sure what engine it uses, but I dont think its Godot either. There's a few Open Source 3D engines out there, and from looking at all the Open Source DLL's linked, its probably one of them

Yes, but you should also encounter her in the graveyard 

Ooh, thanks! I was wondering about this myself. so check in the graveyard, the sewers and the tunnels under the lab, then?

From what I recall you have to go to the inner graveyard to the left, then down into the caverns then down another screen then I or 2 screens off to the right. You get to it from the screen  where you encounter the horny kobold girl and the grumpy goblin (put that ring on before you talk to her, the one that negates healing). You'll probably run into the cat boy and the moth at least 3 times before you get there, though.

DRM tends to inconvenience genuine users more than  pirates. Unless its Denuvo, which pisses off users, pirates, devs, AV makers and Microsoft.  Everyone except publishers.

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Also, games playable only online can still get pirated. DFD and others were originally only playable on the creators website and encrypted, but someone still cracked it. And it was a very clunky experience. While their latest game, Shale Hill Secrets, still uses a version of the same engine, its a vastly improved experience.

Or just Parliament

Technical colleges arent the same as tech universities like MIT or the École Centrale Paris. They are like community colleges. You would study stuff like car mechanics, hair dressing, or catering. These days you will find computer courses too, of course.

Thats great to hear, thanks

Steam is big enough to dictate term to the payment processors. isnt

They've mentioned several times not until the first part is complete, which will be sometime this year

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Probably because the big payment processors, VISA & MasterCard dont like Payoneer and if a company makes any electronic transactions outside of Russia & China they will be working with them. So if they hint heavily at a company they might want to think about their support for Payoneer, they don't have much choice but to drop them.

And crypto wont win, the cryptocoins & cryptocurrency exchanges banks & payment processors will accept & do business with shrinks daily. And crypto exchanges imploding regularly really doesnt help matters.

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If you are looking for AVN's that avoid a lot of the AVN tropes like those, then Our Red String and Opportunity: A Sugar Baby Story are a great place to start. There's also  Paradise Inc, Rise Of The White Flower, Price of Freedom, The Last Sovereign (also one of the 2 best RPGM games I've played), Starship Inanna, Out of Touch! and Rogschard too.

Probably Window Defender gone haywire, especially as a factory reset fixed the problem. Its a known problem with Defender that Microsoft can't or won't fix. The only permanent fix is to install another anti virus.

Thats sad to hear, but better than flogging a dead horse. I do hope you come up with a new project with a similar sense of humour, though. I really loved it.

For some reason Windows Defender has decided to hate stuff written in Python in general and RenPy in particular. 

The pricing of this game is confusing and has become more confusing over time. The dev should work for Oracle's licencing department. 


The first graveyard fight you need to talk to her to find you need to learn chitterspeech. Its hard to win but no big deal to lose.  2nd after learning it is mostly talking, IIRC. Always try talking to the bosses.

Hi, at the moment Im totally lost in the Orcmin Labs, cant figure out how to open all the doors, checked in the 2nd floor and basement and looked at the Wiki, which doesnt seem to match the actual layout. Any tips?

ABO? Is that Omegaverse related? Can see how that could make someone who doesnt like that reaally uncomfortable

Android 6 is ancient, Its possible that the engine doesnt support it. IIRC the game uses some form of Twine

Awesome that you are consolidating all the games into one. Are you still using RPGM? I've always thought the games were the one of best uses of RPGM I've seen, despite or especially because they are visual novels, not JRPGs.

I will be slinging some money your way for when yous start charging for the complete version

Couple questions. First do saves continue over from Chapter to Chapter & if not will you ever release a version combining all 5 chapters?

Also like the look of the characters, will they ever appear in a future game. And finally do you think you might revisit As Above So Below, I really liked the demo for it.

Hi, was just checking if this worked in the Itch app. Anyway I see that in the app there are 3 packages available, the assets and html downloadable from the web page and a zip file containing both which seems to be meant for the app. But for some reason the app by default installs the assets zip when you press the install button not the other zip, which is rather confusing. Might want to have a look at that.

Thanks, I'll give that a try, dont want to lose my save if i have to clear my cache.

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Is it just the relationship with dom (or sub) Mason thats exclusive, or are all the romance paths exclusive? Really enjoying this game so far, BTW

Just noticed, in the web browser version in firefox on an android phone there doesnt seem to be a way to save locally. Is this a android thing, a bug or Firefox weirdness?


Sorry if this has been already asked. 

Firstly, to what stage of the main game do you recommend playing before playing the DLCs? I see they seem to assume a level of familiarity with most the main characters. 

Secondly are they are side stories with no impact on the main game or might characters introduced here pop up later, for example?

It's only just gone Alpha on Patreon, the release should be here in a couple weeks. Patreon always gets early access. Let them find the bugs and relax.

Don't forget there's always a carpet if necessary.

Thanks! Had hardly touched the sims since the loyal trait update. How can the mess things up so badly?

Hi, is parenthood hard mode updated from the last version on the seperate page, or is it the same


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Its not really scummy, but really bad communication on behalf of the dev & If you paid $5 then you have wait 2 weeks to download the latest version. You don't have to pay again, but the early access period was not made at all clear on the purchase page at the time I bought it.

Is there a way to rest after visiting Grindr? CVant figure how to do it. The party is injured need to recharge mana and stuff.

Thanks for the clarification

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Hi bought the game a while ago at 50% of for $5.00 Could have sworn that gave me access to the latest version, but looks like its only the previous. Is there any way to double check exactly which tier I bought at? And at which stage will the 10a version become available?

Excellent game, by the way, fun story, great art and great sex scenes.