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RAR files are a different type of compressed file to Zip files. Install either WinRAR, 7Zip or PeaZip and they will open them and all the other types of compressed file you might find, I recommend 7Zip.

Hi, will the full version be available here when the game is completed, not just the demo? Also, what chapters does the demo cover?

Strangely not long before I found this I also stumbled across a manga where the heroine is isekaied into the female antagonist of an otome VN and the heroine falls for her. I thinkit  was on Mangadex but can't remember the name

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This one gives you the option of choosing your sex, which is far more than most VNs do, especially ones with 3D rendered graphics. The authors have actually stated they wouldn't of done that if they'd realised just how much work it added. It means that almost every scene needs to be posed and rendered twice as well as adding complexity to the story and the programming.  

If you are looking for a game about how infidelity and incest can destroy a family, this is your game. If you are looking for a light-hearted sex game, look somewhere else.  Its obvious there will be no happy ends in this game.

I didnt realise I needed this for my libraries and gyms until i saw it. Thanks!

Only download it from Microsoft, nowhere else


The solutions to ALL of the riddles can be solved by googling them.  

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There's quite a few gay romance games and explicit gay games out there. But I'm only aware of one good (although YMMV) SF game with both explicit sex scenes and gay options, Space Corps XXX. It seems to be trying to include every sexual orientation and almost every legal kink known to man as well as invent a few. 

There are a few other good SF games on here with a gay option that I know of, but none of those have explicit set scenes. Planet Stronghold 2 and Andromeda 6 are both pretty good, just no explicit sex scenes

EDIT: IIRC Starship Inanna, another good game, gives you the option of being bisexual and it might be possible to avoid most sexual encounters with women and follow a gay path, haven't tried.


I honestly like them all, but my 3 favourites at the moment are Beau,  Sera and Hunter. 

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I always delete that part of Slice of Life. Wonderful Whims handles menstruation much better, IMO.

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I didn't realise I needed this mod until I stumbled across it! I'm both sad and relieved that 3 of the 4 kids in nightmare household save are already almost finished with the toddler stage (all 3 sims got pregnant almost simultaneously, 1 with twins).

Hopefully it works with the latest patch, I'll soon see. 

Unfortunately there is an issue with Android 11 and Unity as it chamged the way Android does a lot of stuff. We'll have to wait for a fix for Unity, as Google are unlikely to change anything

There was a bug with that version, you should update.

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I dont mind the price, together 1 and 2 are still one of the cheapest good games on here. I do think however this change might have been better received if you had just increased the price and released Lewd Mod as 2 parts under the original page. IIRC you already mentioned after release of Day 14 that the price would be going up again soon.  

Anyway, hopefully things will calm down a bit

I noticed a spelling error on this page, by the way.

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Didnt notice that myself on my old phone, but its a little slow to load on the new one. I think is more of a problem with later versions of Android than anything, on the user end at least. 

The limit on dialog branches is a different matter and more serious matter though.

I think you are you are using Twine for this? Normally for a (supposedly) open source project I'd suggest doing a bug report or feature request, but the Twine home page makes it remarkably difficult to find out where to do that. Maybe their Discord?

Hi, the  version of this game on the Google Play Store doesn't work on my new phone which uses Andriod 11. From what another dev has said this is because Google changed the way file permissions work. But from what I noticed from another game it should work with Android 11 if recompiled with the new version of RenPy.

I just encountered that on Android 11, Samsung A12. Not a gaming phone but it should handle it. Is it a change in Android or something, I've also noticed several older Renpy games off the App Store, like NomNomNami's games don't work on this phone either.

Thanks for the Windows version. 

By the way, when Sophie's hot vacation is finished will if become available to buy here, like Lewd Mod XXXMas?

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Just wanted to double check, I've been taking a break from the sims so needed to update my mods. Does this one need updating or is gen 6 still fine? 

I ran a quick check in a fresh save and its seems OK & is not causing anything in the last exception log, but I wanted to be sure before touching my legacy save.  

Thanks for the offer, but I'm only inconsistently available and have a short attention span these days, so I don't think I would be much help proofreading.

Looking forward too this game, but I have a comment from looking at the screenshots.

I don't know if you are aware, but these days the word "Fanny" isnt just a nickname for the name Fiona and is never used that way. Its probably better known  in English these days as a slightly old fashioned term for a woman's ass, and also more crudely her genitalia. If that character is called Fanny you might want to consider changing it to Fiona. It may be period accurate to use it as a nickname, but people might find it odd, silly or distracting.

Is their any non patron content in 0.28?

What youve got so far is fun, looks really promising, and I love the style. 

A couple of suggestions, Make the map larger and have a compass rose on it. Sometimes we forget which way East and West are. 

I also couldn't figure out how to place the chest you can buy from the wood cutter.  

Now I can prevent my vampires going all Lazarus Long, thanks!

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Most are easily googleable, there were only 2 I had problems with, "the antic book of love" which is KARMASUTRA and another which i cant remember and gave up on

If you cant find the answer, look in the comments here, almost all the answers have been posted

EDIT: They are all memes (some a bit dated), pop culture references or both.

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The dialog on this game is hilarious, especially when you come in late. 

"You're looking kind of rugged. And not in a handsome kind of way."


Looking forward to more developments.& the sexy firemen, in piles or in sex dungeons.

Turns out you need to wait a couple days between each stage of that mission.

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The bonus is a good idea to reduce grinds, but I think it builds up to the maximum too quickly. Either slow that rate down or have all day events where you cant use the drone afterwards reset the count to 0 days, or perhaps both.

Did you try unticking "Native Pregnancy Override" under Wonderful > Settings > Pregnancy > Other Settings?

Wonderful Whims should only affect human and supernatural pregnancies, but there might be a bug.

Also, double check your pet pregnancy settings in MCCC

Go away, have a cup of coffee and read or watch TV. Or close the game, if you don't mind losing progress

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EDIT: Turns out you have to wait a couple days between each stage of the quest.

I suspect its incomplete in game at the moment. I think a lot of Annas future content depends on Elsa being in game.

There seems to be some Anna content that's missing. After finding she's lost the vibrator I can get the tail butt plug from Emee & buy the other one, but there's no scene involving either, just the BJ scene (which needs involvement from Anna, BTW, feels stiff and lifeless).

On the subject of the drone minigame, its too grindy. Increasing the base energy by 1 (maybe 2)  and the booster energy by 1 or 2 would help greatly.  And possibly a really expensive permanent upgrade to the energy by 3 or maybe 4.

The UI for the Computer/Desk area needs a total overhaul. Contacting Tink should be a separate thing from using the computer and should not be under the same menu. And NOTHING should ever be hidden under 4 layers of menu. Perhaps try give it a more computery feel, rather than like cascading dialogue options

How well developed in the Bree MC's side of things?

What is the answer to "the antic book of love"

Thanks, good to hear

Hi, haven't played in a bit, does this need updating for the fear emotion?