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This game is awesome! Is it still being worked on?

Yo, I bought this game on Steam because I remember this game from Xblig. I was a developer for that platform and it was kind of nostalgic to go back to this game after testing it years ago. It's nice to see this game after so many years.

Left my response on the video. Thanks for checking it out.

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I mention Crossed Swords because that is actually the first inspiration for Child Arms (specifically the second game) but it is so obscure that no one would know what I was talking about if I mentioned it by itself. But those who do play it describe it as "Punch-Out with swords", and after replaying Punch-Out, decided to add elements from that game to make my game much more recognizable.

Aside from that, I already commented on your video so you know how much I loved it. Thanks once again for checking out my game.

$10 has been sent to the PayPal address.

Turns out you were right. There was something wrong with the hit box of the bosses. I've fixed Ja Fraw and gave you the player more room to maneuver so he should be easier to deal with.

Anyways, looks like I have everything I need from your playtest. Thank you very much for your cooperation as playtesting assures me that this game is heading in the right direction.

I don't know if I mentioned this, as I don't recall if you sent me request letter of any kind, but I still have some money left to pay out to playtesters. I give out $10 for a review and $15 for a video. You've done enough of a job to be reward $10. If you are interested, please give me the e-mail associated with your PayPal (as that is the only way I can pay out).

Thanks for checking out my game. Your feedback is very much appreciated to improve this game. I will look into your suggestions and see what I can do. As for the second boss, Ja Fraw, I also got responses from other players that he is very difficult. Would increasing the room your character has and slowing it down improve the difficulty?

I'm going to be honest, I didn't thought anyone was going to come back to this game due to it being a mere playtest version, but I'm am so happy that you have. I'm happy to know that the improvements to the game are satisfactory and people are enjoying it because it is coming close to the planned public version. Thanks for the kind words.

As for the issue of the window screen, I have gotten complaints about it. I can't change the resolution at this point unless I do an overhaul of the entire game, so instead I'm going to give the option to allow the window to be full screen and to resize the game window. Hopefully that should fix it to those whose game goes over the screen.

Once again, thanks for the compilment on the game.

Thanks for responding. I was wondering about the screen issue and looks like I finally figured it out. I don't think I can shrink the window but perhaps I'll make an option to make it full screen.

I will send you money on PayPal but it will take a few hours to transact because PayPal is giving me a few problems but I will send you a message when the money is sent. Thanks once again for all your help.

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Wow. Thank you for the kind words. Considering this is only a "playtest" version (an improved demo for the public will be release later), it is really nice that you like what I have so far.

To answer a few questions: Yes, I used Game Maker Studio Professional to make this game. The game will have you upgrade your character and pixel eater to include a bigger area to for your pixel eater and faster pixel eating. However, I want to make an upgrade system like Zelda, where instead of EXP, you have to do sidequest and find items to upgrade. As for the problem of not being able to read the dialogue, is it not showing in the screen or is the window not big enough?

Once again, thank you for everything. This really helps me to create the best possible game I can make.

I also sent you a friend requiest on FaceBook.

Hello Gamer90,

Thank you for your honest review. You were right, it did read like a story, ha ha. But I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Thanks for providing all those suggestions, I'll see what I can do with them. As for the bug that froze the game, was it before or after you met Tsar, the man in yellow? For the shadow when you start a new game, no that is not a bug, it is the shadow of Ecto absorbing the pixels of Pixia. Perhaps I'll try to make it more obvious.

Besides that, I also need to know if you fought at least one enemy and can you give me your thoughts on that because I need to know what people think of the battle system?


I just update the game to include the ability to configure the controls anytime you want, so if you already downloaded version 0.5, consider redownloading the game.

Also, remember, to check out the FaceBook page for more information about payments and you need a PayPal account. Write a review of the game and you will get $10.


Alright, thank you. If you don't have a paypal, then I can transfer to your bank account, but that is a slow method.

Awesome. Enjoy.

Money has been sent.

I think I got all the info I needed from the video so it's all good. Just give a like to the FaceBook to keep a check on the game's progress. Thanks once again.

Just finished watching your video. I'm both very happy and very embarrassed. I actually aimed to make the demo easy enough that anyone can pass it. Looks like your video, along with other playtesters feedback, proved me wrong as you seemed to struggle with the platforming and the controls. I thought the tip-toe button would remedy that but looks like you didn't even know what it did.

Well, as embarrassed as I am, this was really helpful to me and I am very thankful for the video. Perhaps I should have mentioned that this is a playtest demo made specifically for playtesters and a more public release is going to be made after the feedback of the playtesters. Regardless, I'll take all the feedback your video provides and improve the game until that version comes.

Thanks once again. With the video, I can pay you $15 so provide me with an e-mail associated with your PayPal account.

Fantastic. This is a great addition to the review. I thank you for the feedback and the time you put into making it.

I'll consider putting an option to change the buttons whenever the player wants. As for the silence, was it literal silence? I didn't put music but did add atmospheric sounds in the background.

As for your offer, if you could be so kind, I would appreciate a video. That would provide me with a better view of how a player may play the game. If you provide a video, I'll pay $15.
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Thanks for the review. Your feedback will certainly help me in making this the best game possible.

The review itself is adequate enough but not enough for the full payment. if you could go more into detail about the music, the battle system, and if you had any difficulties at any time, then I could pay the full $10.