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You can't move the dog around in game?

So I decided to make a gameplay video, definitely missing something like an ending or a piece of dialogues cuz I see a character sprite in the game's files that did not appear in my playthrough lol.

Anyway, on a serious note, the game is alright but it could be better by improving minor details, Grant's sprites is a little bland and less polished than other character's sprites like Max or Keichi imo, also I can see a few missing spots on Grant's sprites that need to be colored like his eyes, Ling's sprites should be re-adjusted to be larger than other character's sprites like Keichi's, the lady's sprite should also be re-designed cuz... It looks horrible tbh. The music is totally awesome, however I wished there were different soundtracks for both Ling and Grant, hearing the same soundtracks looping for 30 mins is quite tiring. Ultimately, the game being not completed is what makes me disappointed the most, but I understand if you and your dev team want to move on to make another game (and maybe a better game) instead of stucking with this title, so keep it up!

Thank you for the instructions! I will try to beat the game later, btw I forgot to mention that after playing the game for an hour or so, the game tended to freeze, when I quitted and restarted the game to play again, the freeze happened in 30 mins or so, hope this is useful for the game's development.

good lord I almost quitted at the first number puzzle (on the train), which I luckily solved after making some random guesses, then the second number puzzle (in the musical instruments store) really just made me want to give up tbh, I don't understand the hint at all, also the flower room is only supposed to kill Ling and no way out for her in that room? I really want to hear some explaination here (and help with the musical instrument puzzle too). Pretty alright game but I don't like the puzzle much, I hope to finish it tho.

Besides the same music and some sfx from Helltaker, this fangame is amazing, took me more than an hour to complete but absolutely worth it. It's strange to think about the main character having as little background stories as the Helltaker, but i guess it fits, that some people go in and out of hell for different reasons and their backgrounds don't mean much, it's what they do, it also doesn't hurt or interfere much with the main plot of Helltaker, this game can serve as a prequel to Examtaker even. Btw here's my playthrough, i hope more people will discover and play this small gem, it is as neat as Helltaker, and to think this is your first game is really impressive, keep it up!

I don't know if this's your first game but it's cool, though there is a few bugs and other annoying things: the doors keep slamming and pushing me away when i open it, some cutscene animation bug and a little discontent with how the killer works in this game, the gun should become a more powerful way to stop the killer for a few minutes instead of just running to the nearest cabin and get inside to despawn the killer, the axe should be used to break the door and destroy the plank instead of having to find a crowbar, also the safe vault puzzle should be more obvious like which key to turn left and right, but besides all of that, the game is playable and probably more decent than 90% percent games that people upload to this site everyday, you just need to make the gameplay better, more realistic and balance, you have potential for future games so keep it up!

Here's my playthrough video btw, you will see a bug i talk about at 18:14 (the video will not be at 1080p in a moment as i just uploaded it)

pretty cool, i like the atmosphere and graphics alot, but why does the main character picks up a his parent's head with little concerns tho lol

At first it was tough to identify the real threat, but i tried playing more seriously and got some fun. Here's my playthrough, it won't be public until the next 5hours due to some inconvenience, but still your game is alright.

If i have anything left to say, i'd wish you can add more stuffs to the game, maybe make a different game like this but with more action, and with better graphics i hope.

The lights didn't turn on when the monster walked in in that ending, this is the 2nd time i've got it. Also thanks for the info

Thanks, btw i just got the massacre ending again, but was it updated? Last time i got this ending the screen just turned black and changed to the broadcast message, this time i got a dopppelganger killing me for real, is there any other endings that got changed or it's all like this from the start?

I was getting used to the controls of the game, but welp seems like other people couldn't get used to that and made you change it, but that's just minor inconvenience, my first thought was you should let players look around by moving the mouse instead of using arrow keys or wasd. And i just played the updated version, seems to be better but still unluckily stuck at "no addition info" ending, guess i'll will have to let some monster in. But may i ask that is there more than one doppelganger that you can let them in or just one? I remember getting a 2 dead victims ending then got a massacre ending, that was in the previous version, also in the ending that has 2 dead victims, i stayed in the booth for longer than usual, no cars, no people showed up, then i decided to call the police and ended up getting that ending, probably a bug but real weird.

i managed to get 6 endings, will try to get the rest tomorrow, but i have a few comments about your game.

The almosphere is perhaps too dark combining with low poly graphics is just horrible, i can hardly see monsters limbs or hands especially the kind that let me know immediately which visitor is a doppelganger, which also forces me to 100% focus on the game cuz if i missed a brief second, i may end up letting one of those monsters into the camp. Sometimes visitors keep giving out the same answers 2 or 3 times even though they're not doppelganger, but it raises suspicion. Only be able to call the police once is kinda devastating as well, at least give the player 3 calls or something, but that's not the biggest problem. The biggest problem is that after playing the game serveral times, i find myself keep achieving the "no addition info ending", even when i'm not playing seriously and just let people pass when they messed up some of the answers.

So i hope you can improve something from what i've experienced, cuz this game is quite decent to some extent.

So i made another video showcasing some of the bugs (and yet i forgot to include a bug that when you fail too many times the game stuck at loading screen) and some other cool things i found too. Very looking forward to playing the next update!

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Man, really interesting game, but the bugs and mechanics kinda unstable and frustrated me alot. No joke but when i first played this demo, i skipped alot of stages cuz they were a another level of hard, then i decided to try out the 5th stage and... Well kinda broke it by luring subject 61 to the right corner then it just stuck there and kicked rocks at me lol. Anyway, i hope you can make the game... Perharp a little easier? Also pls make the foodchain (or whatever attack it is) in the 3rd stage to be more visible, the colors of the attack kinda blend in with the background. I don't meant to implement easier difficulties right in the next update but when the full game is out, cuz i don't wanna come back to those levels updates after updates, it was real struggle, almost like both helltaker and examtaker combined. The soundtracks are also awesome, thought it's not linked together in some parts but still ok.

By the way here's my playthrough, keep up the great work!

so after throwing the oil lamp to the shadow figure we just indirectly caused a fire fight and left? ok how to the other ending then

But i think you should rework the icons and clickings, they don't seem to react to the mouse half of the time

Nice arts and songs man, would be even better if there's a story behind it

i am Asian, i live in south east Asia and the voice control works fine, except for some issues i already mentioned above.

nice, at first i thought that was intentional as i glitched through the wall ( just like i did in the video ) and explored something else, would be cool if i fell in another combined space, as they usually say about not being careful may cause you to fall into the backrooms lol

I decided to record your game and discovered a few unpleasant things, if you can fix those bugs it'd be a good short game jam!

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how to escape level 2? Also when i restart the level ( choose new game when playing ), the wall seems to glitch and i cant get out of the room.

Edit: ok so i managed to escape level 2, however, when the elevator opens at level 3, the white wall literally covers the elevator door and i cant get out, another thing is that the elevator is still going or something.

I'm using a Windows computer and plays it in Chrome just like any other web games.

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I used the one in the gamebuino website, just checked it out again, the game somehow went smoothly but once again i stuck at the same Lucifer dialogue as i've said before, the problem here is that the game seems to crash or freeze at this point, Lucifer's sprite is not moving at all and pressing A on the screen or J in the keyboard does not do anything.

i was stuck when the game shown Lucifer's  dialogue:"Damn, he's already here.". There wasn't any buttons shown in the screen and i didn't know what to do. It's the second time it has happened, and i think the game sometimes crashes when i press the keys too fast, can happen at any levels. I'd be glad if you somehow can make a windows version so that everyone can try the game way more smoothly.

Hey, i think there must be something wrong with the last cutscene after the 7th puzzle, i think you should recheck the web version ( and maybe make an playable version of the game for windows as well ).

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so i managed to beat that stage, but seriously the web version is broken or something it keeps crashing and i couldnt get to see the ending.... 

I think i do tho, i spent almost an hour on that puzzle to think of an solution but always failed.

i dont know is it me but this one puzzle is really a hassle, can you confirm that it is beatable?

ah, i must have forgotten that somehow, thank you.

you should post an instruction showing how to open and play the game tho, i downloaded the file, extracted it and nothing but only the game files.

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Alright, that wasn't new or interesting as first, but it sure was intense as hell, took me a couple tries to beat it, the walk animation is weird af but ok, the dialogues are pretty out of place but fun to read, i didn't even remember what the nailgun was for until going back upstair lol, this also gives me Lakeview Cabin vibe ( i bet you base on the chainsaw massacre incident ) and some of the Puppet Combo games ( the jumpscares and musics are great, but i think the gore should be worked on more ). Anyway please forgive me as i didn't show the intro of the game, also skipping some of the papers that contain words of the captured victims, cuz i wanted to finish the game as fast as possible, i bet you've watched somebody play this game but they all stuck at the instrument puzzle lol, i know it's a good game when you have to read the paper that contains the note  in order to solve the puzzle. Also i think it was because the lack of bandages that let people down as they have a hard time outrun the killers and get killed. The game is bigger than i thought it would be, and very promising too, i hope you guys will keep doing your best for the next volumes, will consider paying for this game if it was released on steam tho.

Ok thank you! I just thought it was extra fees or something.

Then why on Steam it's just 2 dollars? Is it an expansion or not? Or just the full game and no expansion?

Can you by any chance explain to me why the price of this game on is 14.99$ when on Steam it's just about 2 dollars? Is there any difference or just some fees that aren't included?

it keeps crashing when i load level 7

that's fun lmao

It would be great if this game had a story and more horror elements in it, nice job!

Pretty neat, however it's neither intense nor horror, if you can improve the monster and the complexity of the surroundings, it would be much better than typical slendermen games.