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GB BASIC Alpla 3 is available now.

Yes, I plan to introduce it to MacOS in beta 1.

Hi Dear Jared,

Thanks for the words! I’m glad you like it.

The audio backend reads and plays pre-made audio files, it doesn’t synthesize at runtime, so something like a built-in tracker would not happen. However it supports .mod, .mid, etc files on some platforms, so a music/sfx generator would be an alternative, if you would not mind using an external software.

Another approach would be writing a tracker in Lua as a regular Bitty program, someone from the community had done it once, but his site seems to be down at the moment:, I’ll ask him for a backup in the Discord server.

Sincerely, Tony


Direct access to game controllers is implemented but not yet documented, see Controller for details.

I’ve tested that program with some PS4/NS/8BitDo controllers, I don’t own an XBox one, but I think it would work also.

It depends on the features you would like to include in your game. The current alpha 1 version can be used to paint tiles, maps, and to write code, I think there’s no problem with really really simple games, it is yet not capable for making music, actor and scene, besides, the runtime is lacking in completeness. I’ll improve editors in alpha 2, 3, then move on to improving the runtime in alpha 4. As the version stage implies, I’d rather claim it feature-complete for generic development until all the alpha stages are complete.

Thanks for your interest and understanding!

Of course.

It supports string partially, i.e. print "pi=%d", 22/7 and label #0 "hello", the string are constant literals, this is enough for text representation. As a constrained platform, gb is not very good at dynamic allocating, so it doesn’t support assigning string to variable, concating, etc.

Actually the runtime part is based on the GBVM project, their capability are quite similar.

Ah not yet, everything is so primitive for the moment.

Yes, there’s a link cable example, which is called “30. Serial.gbb”.

Haha, the work flow is compiling BASIC directly to ROM, neither C or BCX would involve in. But yea, we’ll see what power could be borrowed from C and others.

The web version stores in a browser’s “local storage” area, where is “local” on your hard drive. I’m afraid itch doesn’t provide such functionality, sry.

Hi, TLOP is available on iOS now

Np. Keep up your work, you’ll achieve it someday.

Yes, a sidenote about the pause rules will help understand it.

I’ll think over the ticking sound.

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It depends, someone finds Lua is easier for a beginner, the others prefer Python. I’d like to share some of my experience as a glance.

Lua and Python in common:

  1. Both are scripting, dynamic typed, weak typed. Pro: there’s no complex compiling pipeline, it is often just one click to launch a new program; Con: it doesn’t check variable types before running, so you have to keep in mind which variables are for what, but good naming would help.
  2. The languages themselves do not offer the ability to create a game directly, Lua is often embedded in integrated development kits, Python can import game creation libs.


  1. Lua is prototype-based, Python is class-based. Someone find class-based is more intuitive than prototype-based to understand, but once you get the idea of prototype, in my personal opinion, it is more elegant for game development.
  2. Because of its embedded nature, installing a Lua-based development kit is often simpler than Python.

Finally I recommend you to try them both, for example the Love2d or my Bitty Engine (trial on steam), and pygame, try reading and modifying some example code, evaluate the documents and communities, make some short programs by your own, then choose the more comfortable and easier to understand one. If you feel difficult to get into it after attempts, just switch to another. And once you get used to one of them, it will be simpler to either dive further or switch to another. Overall I recommend them both than other languages (JavaScript, C#, C++, etc) for beginners.

The app is still in an early stage, there’s not yet a dedicated version for common ARM-based mobile systems (iOS, Android). It was designed in mind to be both desktop and mobile friendly, and the dev-tech behind is platform independent. So it has a potential for a mobile release, but I just could not guarantee possibility. But I’ll post an update when there would be progress on it.

The idea is that it encourages a user to think over and organize what to do and how long a task will last, but does not encourage to suspend once the user presses the start button. However there could be unexpected interruptions, the pause system is right for this purpose. Each pair of WORK-REST pomodoros offers pause budget up to 5 minutes to deal with interruptions, the budget resets when entering next WORK pomodoro.

Of course.

Yep. Someone finds it helpful with white noise music during focus, some likes a random rubik, a fidget spinner, or a real timer. For me, it was often an idle game.

Fixed. An invalid map will be reset automatically.

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It’s a reusable programming lib, published here as an asset pack. With a live demo playable in browser.

I’m glad it brings you with some sort of fun.

Submitted. Thank you mate!

okey. but it is, for a particular person, and that's a part of why i like this jam. i just dont wanna mention their name publicly.

Hi, I like this jam. Could anyone tell me why my submission got deleted?

How the jam logo was made? In some modeling software? It looks so great. Just for curiosity.

Nice! I'll update the instructions.

BTW. I also tried to package it in a .dmg instead of .zip, turns out it requires the same commands. Seems Apple has tightened their strategy for running 3rd-party apps outside AppStore.

Googled, and found this

Apply both `xattr -cr` and `chmod 777` should work, tested on a Big Sur.

Hi Jessica8D,

Just copying the installation instructions on the page bottom:


  1. Download and unzip the package
  2. Apply execution permission to the executable (i.e. "chmod 777")
  3. Execute by double clicking ""

See also:

That's great!

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In my experience it requires less extra operations to get it run before MacOS 11, it solves most of the issues by giving it execution permission. But you might need to allow 3rd-party app to run in the system settings besides the permission, if it's not turned on yet.

I've tested the latest package on both MacOS 10.15 and 11 (big sur) on which it works ok. Feel free to tell me for any troubles.

Thanks for the report! Re-packaged and re-uploaded, please try again. And make sure it has the execution permission.


Not yet.

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Hello, me again.

I've ported this from PICO-8 to Bitty Engine. I plan to use it in my future projects.


Play in browser

Your work saved my time, thanks!

Great, thanks!

Cool, Thanks!

Need a license. Can I use it in my other projects? Thx.

Need license plz. Can I use it in my other projects?

Yup, with a few twists.

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Full version available on Steam and Itch now:,

Thank you!