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Do yall keep deleting my comment. This game is great but it messes up on Androids. Is there a fix for this?

I think i deleted my comment. This game is great but its crashing every minute. Im on android version10

I play on android and love the game. But im having issues. The game keeps randomly crashing and erasing all unsaved data and auto saves do not work.

Dont get me wrong i enjoy this game and i want to continue playing. But your android version has an error where it causes the home screen application to no longer function

i just downloaded and installed this game and it caused my home page on my phone and google play to stop working. I couldn't access my home screen for a hour before i deleted the app and everything started working again Why did the game cause this error.

yea for some reason it wont install

The app doesnt want to install on my android. I have a newer model

will this come to android?

It says meet Rebecca in the evening and she's no where to be found

Like how y'all used Red Like Roses from RWBY as the background music when saving Lucy from the masked girl. I hope y'all don't get in trouble.

I have made some room. I will try again.

I'm having an issue installing. When I install it on my android it says app not installed and I deleted the last update.

samsung galaxy A10E and its version 9

I dont get it. I'm on android but it wont Install

How often is this updated? I got to the cliffhanger and cant wait for more