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very well done, especially for a solo dev! Cant wait for the full release :))
here is my coverage: 

fantastic!!! 100% should make it a full game 

fun game! the running part was incredibly difficult lol

here's my gameplay!

Another AMAZINGLY fun game :))) thank you for this one!!


this was a really interesting concept



you got me so many times omg 

no, thank you for the game

Now this... was epic 

phenomenal 10/10

the atmosphere, the noir-esque theme, the dense storyline… so much to say but this game is basically just amazing. 


physics were hilarious, loved the TV channel, funny concept, great execution! 

This was so much fun!!!! I love the Kill series and this one had a huge place to explore alongside the violent fun lol 10/10 amazing keep up the great work!!! 

Streamed every game back to back recently, incredible work! really enjoyed the games and the way there is no instructions yet it's clear what to do... well done. Fantastic set of games.

I got the email for this one, still finding time to cover it but mannnn this looks good!!!!

oooh here we gooo

Game scared me quite a few times and it was a lot of fun! well made game 

fantastic! I GOT ALL ENDINGS!!

fantastic! I GOT ALL ENDINGS!!

wildly confusing, style was good but you need to make your games more clear in the future

WOW this was intense!!! super scary and... rather difficult and confusing to be honest. It was a lot fun and I enjoyed it a lot but just a little a feedback maybe to help the game be more direct ? had a great time playing your game :)

got me so bad my mic peaked lol 

loved it :))) 

love the style of the game, had a lot of fun, and scared me a few times :)

the fight scene thooo!!! great game!!!

was wondering if I could get into contact with you

Bad game 

love the idea! great execution :) 

short n sweet 


havent had this much fun in a while :) ty for the good time 

hilarious lol

this game was a BANGER 10/10 had a ton of fun thanks for this :)

amazing!!! very excited for the full release :))) 

loved it! great environment and puzzles, made for a lot of fun while playing :) ty for the game 

fun game! little odd but super enjoyable experience :) 

fun game! enjoyed playing through it :)