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I love ghosts! 

That was really cute. Love them

Very intriguing concept. 

I found out that bananas love me.

A heartbreaking experience. It was really hard to decide who lives and who dies. 

Thanks for making this!

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Siren head´s character concept is very captivating. 

I enjoyed playing this. 

I loved the island! I had a fun time exploring and learning more about the character. His favorite place is defintely mine too. 

Thanks for making this jens.

I really enjoyed the experience. 

That background is lovely. Thanks for making this!

I wish there were some fish around but despite that, i enjoyed the game.

Interesting idea.

I loved the message behind the game.

 The art style was very captivating. Thanks andy for making this!

Ivan is a great man. 

Thanks for sharing this game! 

I really liked it, short and sweet. 

That was very cute. Thanks for sharing it! 

I definetly loved this game. Short and sweet.

I will show this game to my future kids someday.

Thanks for making this!

I encountered some very intriguing ghosts. 👻

Lovely experience.

I would love a printed version of this short story.

Thanks for making this!

A fun little game. 

Best shaver in town. 

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I have seen it all. Nice soundtrack <3

I can relate to the character 100%

I enjoyed playing everyone of your games.

You are very talented! Thanks for sharing your art <3

Loved it!

A short and powerful experience. Your games hit the player and makes them think and that is amazing.  

A hidden gem.

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Amazing work! A short and powerful experience.

Thanks for making this <3

That was very cute <3

I loved the reference to Georges Mélies <3 

This was very emotional and relatable.  I loved the music and the story behind the letters.

Thank you for making this, i really appreciate it <3

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Heartbreaking game. I love you Meowmie!

Thank you for making it in spanish. I appreciate the gesture. 

I don't usually play platform games but i really enjoyed playing this. I loved the story behind it and the types of levels. Great job guys! 

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Mental health is very important. Take care of youself! 

I am really glad i played this game. I felt like a kid again.  

Thanks for the experience Yoan

I will always play Turnfollow´s games. 

I want waffles now!

I love the concept.

Watching a log burn is so captivating.

I could play this forever. 

Amazing work guys!

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I want this guy to buy my groceries.

Adam you rule!

I enjoyed the atmosphere of the game.

Roadtrips are the best <3

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I was singing reggaeton while destroying everything... So yes, i had fun. 

Thanks for making this HELO100 <3

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I learnt that you should never decline a drink from a stranger. 

Rick Astley would be proud.

Fun game! Thanks for making this one.

These people know how to throw a party! 

I couldn't stop laughing!

I could play you games for ever. <3