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Hi, sorry! I don’t have Spotify, but it’s on soundcloud.

Hi! Thank you for playing and commenting! I'm glad that you like it. :)

Hey, thanks A LOT! I’m glad that you enjoyed it. And this review is amazing. 

So I didn’t implement any additional story after you start playing. Well, guess that’s something for the update, maybe.

Bugs! You actually had bugs?

Oh and not “99 jobs” but 99 commands which you enter in the console. So after you enter 99 commands in total, your job will be done then (in story mode).

It works fine for me in Chrome, Firefox, and the app. Sometimes it won’t launch for whatever reason but re-launch it solves the problem.

Try using Firefox

I'm sorry that the problem is persistent, but thanks for waiting! 

I think the issue is that the game needs OpenGL 3 or OpenGL 2 to run, but (according to my research) Intel 82945G integrated graphics doesn't support either of them. (Totally not your fault!)

So, if you're still interested in the game, check out this page tomorrow. I'll upload a version to play in the browser. 


Hi, I updated the windows version. It should be working...

Hi, I'm sorry you're having this problem. I'm not fully sure why, but It seems to be some kinda of problem with the engine. I'll try to upload the tweaked version as soon as I could.

Thank you for downloading!

Hi! Thank you for playing! And thanks for your suggestion. I'll tweak it as soon as possible.

Hi! Thank you! 

Thank you!!! I'm glad you like it.

Hey! Thank you for playing my game. I’m glad that you enjoyed it.

And thank you for telling me what you like. It really helps. :3

Might be too much to ask for but I’ll let you know if I need a more detailed feedback. :D

Have a nice day!