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thanks for playing my game.   I agree with you, i wouldnt suggest something as strong as "her house is on fire" but i m not a good writer especially in english :D

thanks again mate 

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I liked your game, it deserve an HTML version. I know there are a lot of issues with unity about WebGL export, so i downloaded your source code to export it

use autosize with 

it's quite challenging, feels good to open the door after missing to push Enter in time. Good music too

Hello, thank you for your comment. I didnt  knew i had to upload the game on an english written website at the end of the jam.  The theme of the jam was "if i were you and if you were me",  my first idea was about cultural differences that makes people see thing differently, then you know, it's a jam.  My challenge was just to make a prototype that looks as polished as possible for me. the levels are not well designed but they will be in a future version.    

best regards.

Le fichier exécutable semble ne pas suffire pour lancer le jeu ( ? )

Je serais heureux d'y rejouer dans un état plus reposé :D

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Un jeu tout à fait cohérent dans son gameplay, sa direction artistique et le choix du langage de programmation, qui s'inscrit dans une rusticité élégante.